Guest blog post by Joseph Anderson, Content Manager and Marketing Strategist at Stratodesk

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference brings the brightest minds in education IT together. By sharing ideas and collaborating with one another, EDUCAUSE helps IT professionals become better at what they do. Stratodesk will be in the Citrix Booth during the show, at booth number 413, showcasing how our NoTouch product suite works with Citrix to unlock the full benefit of Citrix VDI in an education setting.


How NoTouch Desktop Solves Challenges Facing Education VDI

Technological innovation has come to the education space. These innovations have brought with them challenges in deploying a cutting-edge VDI that is able to function at the highest level, delivering the best end-user experience without breaking the bank.

Amidst the horizon of growlingly complex demands on time, budget, and security, Stratodesk software stands out as a game changer for end user computing in an education setting. Capable of repurposing both old and new devices into high performing, smart VDI Clients, Stratodesk software seeks to unify, standardize, and enhance the end user experience for staff, teachers, and students alike while delivering unparalleled reliability, faster login times, and protecting confidential student and administration data.

Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop, comprised of NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center, is the only endpoint OS and management solution able to run and manage both x86 and Citrix Ready workspace hub devices. Our OS is Linux based, which means that it is impervious to common security threats that target or exploit x86 and ARM based devices. It can be installed via various installation methods like network (PXE) boot or MSI installer, and unlike competitors that require a specific piece of hardware to enable BYOD, NoTouch can run on any flash drive to let your end users access NoTouch or their native operating system side by side.

How Stratodesk Works Seamlessly with CITRIX VDI to Unlock its Full Benefit

NoTouch Desktop solves major challenges facing education VDI by delivering an endpoint OS and management solution that works seamlessly with Citrix technologies. With NoTouch, your users get easy access to their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) while you can efficiently manage endpoints across multiple sites from one location. It can help scale your endpoint network without adding extra IT resources, and handle user roles with Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop.

When using Stratodesk software with Citrix technologies, educational institutions can expect these benefits:

  • Cut Your Security Bill: NoTouch OS installs directly onto all of your endpoint devices bare metal, transforming them into high performing Thin Clients. Cancel your malware and antivirus contracts and save your money.
  • Leverage Existing Hardware: Connect your existing hardware to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops — no need for added hardware investments.
  • Standardize Endpoints: Decrease management time and streamline your process with one look and feel across all of your endpoints.

NoTouch OS is verified as Citrix Ready HDX technology, contains Citrix Workspace app preinstalled, and easily connects to your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops right out of the box. It also includes a full native StoreFront implementation that allows easy access to contemporary and future StoreFront instances — whether your users want to full-screen into one published desktops, or use separate applications.

Additionally, NoTouch supports multi-monitor (dual-screen) operation, USB device forwarding, local printers, smart cards, multimedia with Citrix HDX features including Flash redirection, Skype for Business/HDX RTME.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub

Stratodesk software was also chosen by Citrix to be the operating system for the Citrix Ready workspace hub. The central piece of Citrix Workspace IoT, the Workspace Hub solves advanced and innovative use cases facing every day business challenges. This Raspberry Pi3 based device comes with full HDX capability including: Flash redirection, Skype for Business, dual monitor support, H.264 decoder and is fully remotely manageable with NoTouch Center or Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly known as XenMobile). Its unique roaming and casting features are highly appreciated by teachers and instructors and makes it easy for them to share their desktops with students.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub is further proof of Stratodesk and Citrix’s joint dedication to enabling better solutions for educational institutions — the low cost, high performance endpoint antiquates desktop PCs and allows institutions to cost effectively scale their environments.

Stratodesk Live Demonstration and Booth Demo

At EDUCAUSE, Emanuel Pirker, CEO of Stratodesk, will be giving daily live, 20-minute presentations on NoTouch Desktop and the Citrix Ready workspace hub at the Citrix booth (#413). Presentation times are TBD.

Stratodesk’s team of knowledgeable tech professionals looks forward to visiting with our customers and attendees at EDUCAUSE 2018 in the mile high city. Visit us at booth #413 for a presentation from Stratodesk founder and CEO, Emanuel Pirker, live demos of Stratodesk software from knowledgeable tech professionals, and the cutest swag of the show.