Today, Apple released iOS 12.

iOS 12 boasts a better user experience with improved performance and speed for common tasks like typing and launching apps. It also brings about some new capabilities like privacy features that protect device details to prevent retargeting, and screen time to help build awareness around device use.

Citrix announces day zero compatibility for mobile productivity apps, Citrix Endpoint Management and XenMobile on-prem. We also support the following iOS 12 capabilities for Citrix Endpoint Management (formerly XenMobile Service):

  • Customize notifications and de-clutter lock screen with grouped notifications for a consolidated view of messages. Group together notification topics and message threads, including Secure Mail notifications, making it easier to spot important messages.
  • Maintain consistency across supervised devices with forced automatic date and time. When enabled, the device determines the location and automatically sets date and time for the device.
  • Provide a better user experience and speed up enrollment for Apple DEP. Use the option to skip Screen Time, the software update screen and the choose your look screen to deploy iOS devices faster.
  • More options: new iOS 12 configuration settings for app notification, exchange and email policies.

Visit for additional documentation on new iOS 12 configuration settings.

*XenMobile Server 10.8 on-prem, Citrix Endpoint Management and mobile productivity apps 10.8.65 offer day zero support with iOS 12. Make sure to be running the latest XenMobile Server on-prem and encourage your users to update their mobile productivity apps to avoid disruptions within your organization with the iOS 12 release.