At Citrix, we strive to be highly inclusive, embracing different views and culture. Our diverse workforce spans multiple generations, speaks more than 35 languages, and lives and operates in more than 40 countries.

We believe the contributions of various backgrounds, perspectives, and beliefs create stronger teams and better business. This is why we are thrilled to celebrate in solidarity with our employees in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, and the people of India as the Indian Supreme Court rules to decriminalize Gay relationships.

In striking down this legislation, the justices said:

“The Gay Ban violates the constitutional guarantee of the right to life and to the equal protection of law by reinforcing stereotypes about sexual orientation. It has lent the authority of the state to the suppression of identities. The fear of persecution has led to the closeting of same sex relationships. The choice of a partner, the desire for personal intimacy and the yearning to find love and fulfilment in human relationships have a universal appeal, straddling age and time. In protecting consensual intimacies, the Constitution adopts a simple principle: the state has no business to intrude into these personal matters. Nor can societal notions of heteronormativity regulate constitutional liberties based on sexual orientation.”

The day of the ruling, Melanie, a Bangalore-based Citrite posted to the Global Pride Alliance Slack Channel:

Super news from India today…. our supreme court has just ruled that homosexuality is no longer considered to be illegal!! Epic!

In speaking with her, she said that Citrix’s public embrace of the LGBTQ community empowered her to initiate discussions around starting the Citrix Pride chapter, an LGBTQ Employee Resource Group, in our Bangalore offices. She hopes the new-found support for gay relationships globally, and especially now in India, will allow her & fellow employees to bring their authentic self to work and know they are welcomed and supported for their diversity.

Citrix strives to be a place that is inclusive to all and that respects everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, the color of their skin, their gender, or anything else; we’re proud of the rich diversity of our employees. Learn more about how we’re leveraging the power of human difference.