Providing a solution for SaaS sprawl, web app delivery, seamless access control plus full session management and security is the target of the Citrix Workspace App and service. Doing this with no added servers while delivering a great user experience is a profound step up in functionality for Citrix. The new experience aggregates SaaS, web, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops-hosted apps and users files together in a modern, unified interface.

The Citrix Workspace app replaces Citrix Receiver, but it’s much more than just a new name and UI. The key new features of the Workspace App includes an embedded browser, analytics insight, policy enforcement, plus the Citrix Cloud service for administration and control.

Demo and Description of the Workspace app and Citrix Access Control service.

When accessing SaaS or Web apps through the Citrix Workspace app, the embedded browser provides native local rendering with native experience instantly connected directly to the web app service. Because the web session is not only initiated, but also renders inside the embedded browser, the entire session can be monitored and controlled without impacting user experience. On a per-app basis, IT can apply and enforce policies including; copy/paste, printing, downloading, watermarking and numerous user behavior controls. The Citrix Workspace app also allows IT to configure the embedded browser control bar for navigation, printing, etc.

As described in the video, if a user needs to access a SaaS app, but does not have the Workspace app installed, IT can still allow access and keep the same control. This is done by determining that access was attempted from a standard browser like Chrome or IE. The request is then redirected from the SaaS service to Citrix Cloud, which authenticates and launches the session inside a Citrix embedded browser in the Citrix Secure Browser Service.

From a user perspective, the Citrix Workspace app experience is superior to SaaS access from a standard browser. Instead of a collection of bookmarks and entering passwords, users get an organized view of everything they need to get their job done with instant access to apps, content and files. And they get a consistent experience across mobile, tablet, Mac or Windows PC/laptop.

We feel this is a significant advancement that enables IT to provide an improved user experience for employees while increasing productivity, security and control.

Let us know of any questions or comments on the new solution.