Citrix leaders stood on stage at Citrix Synergy in May and made a promise: everything Citrix demonstrated was either already available or it would be within 90 days. We have made good on that promise by enabling you to manage your complete Citrix Workspace through one unified platform.

Managing apps has become increasingly complex

Over time, employees have changed the way they work and IT has had to keep up. The solution has evolved (or devolved) into adopting different point products to manage different types of apps: virtualization for Windows apps, enterprise mobility management for mobile apps, individual management for each SaaS or web app, and more.

With each different point solution, IT needs to learn and manage different systems for every patch, upgrade, security update or employee change. Some vendors stitch together their various solutions in a clumsy effort to offer one product, and leave IT to navigate a complex patchwork of solutions to manage all of their employees’ apps.

There’s a better way.

Citrix created a cloud control plane with all of the Citrix services truly integrated on the back end. Now IT can log in once—to a unified management system for all apps: Windows, Linux, mobile, web and SaaS. Citrix Workspace reduces complexity and the time typically eaten up by context switching between solutions and the need to learn and maintain multiple systems. Admins also can set up role-based administrators to ensure that those with similar permissions can use the same context when managing apps.

Save on Day 2 Operations

It’s all well and good to say that there is a single point of entry when setting up your digital workspace. What happens on day-2; day-82; day-462? Ongoing maintenance must be simplified. Citrix Workspace includes the tools you need for ongoing maintenance, such as how to continuously troubleshoot, patch and update apps as needed.

Consider Office 365: with updates releasing multiple times per year and applicable to desktops and mobile devices, you need a single platform to manage both. Citrix Workspace delivers exactly that. Integrated services enable admins to make a change in one console that can be applied to multiple tools. For example, update users’ permissions for their virtual desktop and their endpoints all at once.

Additionally, Citrix Analytics enables administrators to monitor user activities, such as malicious, dangerous or unknown websites visited, bandwidth consumed and upload/download behavior. You can now take corrective — and proactive — action to protect the network and ensure your end users have seamless and secure access to all of their apps and data.

Automating Workspace delivery with the Citrix ITSM Adapter for ServiceNow

Speaking of day-2 operations, virtual app and desktop provisioning just got easier. Citrix Workspace includes Citrix IT Service Management adaptor for ServiceNow. Now you can integrate your Citrix infrastructure with ServiceNow’s automation tools. With out-of-the-box workflows, along with the ability to create custom workflows, IT teams can now can automate, monitor and manage their Citrix environments, allowing them to focus on strategic projects while automating minor tasks. While the integration provides IT with new management capabilities, this integration also will allow end-users to request Citrix resources through self-service portals. Users can request virtual desktops or apps and admins can automating provisioning, providing improved experiences for both end-users and admins.

How many SaaS apps do you have? Is visibility and control of data a problem?

With the proliferation of web and SaaS apps, users need to keep track of more passwords than ever. This leads to poor password habits. For example, 49% of Americans write their passwords down on paper and 24% save them in a note on their computers or mobile devices. (See 3 Reasons to manage Office 365 with Citrix Workspace.) Those poor password habits can lead to increased security risks.

Citrix Workspace provides additional security controls for SaaS and web apps beyond single sign-on (SSO), along with secure remote access to the apps that workers need to stay productive. Citrix Access Control, Citrix Secure Browser and Citrix Analytics come together in Citrix Workspace. This enables administrators to govern access to approved SaaS apps, and gain more visibility into user activities when needed. It also protects the network and end-user devices in the process.

See the unified admin experience for yourself

Citrix offers regular live deminars. Sign up now for a day and time so you can see Citrix Workspace in action and ask questions of the demonstrator.