Promises are important. Citrix leaders stick by them. When our executives stood on stage at Citrix Synergy in May, they assured you that all the innovations we showed were either available or would be in 90 days. We made good on our promises by delivering Citrix Workspace app and new Citrix Workspace features that deliver a delightful user experience.

Citrix Workspace—the ONE employees want

I’ve been in and around IT for a long time — longer than I care to say. Easily managing and securing employees’ apps, desktops, and data was the “old way,” and it still is with some providers. That’s great for IT — until the employees fail to adopt what’s been implemented and you’re left with massive amounts of shelfware.

Citrix takes a different approach — put the user at the center of everything. When you begin to think like employees, suddenly systems become easy to use and adoption sky-rockets. That means you can deliver on your promise of a simple, secure digital workspace.

Work with your workforce—not against it

Citrix Workspace is a productivity tool that provides a unified experience designed to help employees get work done. We did our homework and researched what devices workers use, what apps they use, and where they work. What did we learn? They’re all different. And to be successful, IT needs to be able to support all of them.

Citrix Workspace is the flexible tool you need to deliver all of the apps and data your workforce needs — Windows, mobile, web and SaaS — on the device of the user’s choice. There are a couple of things that really set Citrix Workspace apart: a consistent user experience and contextual access to apps and data. As you can see in the video above, employees access their apps and files through the same interface regardless of device or network. The behind-the-scenes access seamlessly changes based on the context, to maintain security and that great user experience.

For example, a worker inside the office can open an app or file in a local web browser because Citrix Workspace knows that the worker is on a trusted network. They can print, copy/paste and take other actions with that file. That same worker can access the same file from home later. Now the file launches in a hosted browser — with a seamless user experience. Going one step further, Citrix Workspace can adjust how data is delivered based on the network. In lower bandwidth situations, processing may be offloaded to the server or the device to ensure the user experience is maintained.

More than aggregating icons

Other solutions deliver what looks like a screen full of icons. While this makes for a compelling picture, the reality is that’s where the aggregation ends. Citrix Workspace delivers a true integrated experience for workers. All of their apps —Windows, Linux, mobile, web, AND SaaS — are not only accessible from a single interface; they are also accessed through single-sign-on. That SSO provides a great experience for users — no more recalling what password is used for which app — and encourages good password behavior. In order to boost productivity and enable faster collaboration, we have added Slack integration to Citrix Secure Mail. In addition, we have added self-service functionality to request new apps via ServiceNow within Workspace app, making it easier than ever for employees to gain access to the apps they need.

All of my files — regardless of where they’re stored — accessed from one screen

This is a total game-changer. How many places do you use to store files? Network drive, local hard drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Zip drive… OK, I’m just seeing if you’re still with me on that last one. In reality, we all store files in the place where it makes the most sense for that specific asset to live. With other digital workspaces, you need to launch the app for the file before opening the file itself. With Citrix Workspace, files are available in the context of the application. That means a worker can just double-click the file and it launches in the right app — locally when on a secure network or with a hosted app on an untrusted network.

If you’re like me, and you’re working on something but don’t quite remember where you stored it, you can search all files, regardless of where they live. Plus, for instant access, the most recent files are available at the top.

These are the features that today’s workforces demand. They’re the ones employees use every day to stay productive. And they’re the features that Citrix delivers — as promised.