Since the launch of XenApp Essentials service last year, we’ve been hard at work continuing to add features and tools to enhance the experience for our customers. This month we are happy to announce the latest enhancement, Application Usage Report available now for XenApp Essentials service customers.

With application usage reporting, XenApp Essentials service admins are now able to see reporting data, such as how many sessions are launching across the environment (weekly, monthly), what are the top apps being used and who are your top users. This data can assist your IT admins on making sure your environment is streamlined to meet your users demand.

Usage data is conveniently accessible by simply clicking the Monitor tab in the Citrix Cloud admin console and can be downloaded in a file format for additional use. Let’s take a look at the new dashboard:

Usage Overview:

This report contains a snapshot of the total number of application sessions launched and how many unique users accessed apps during a week with a snapshot over a six-week period.

Top Applications:

This report shows information regarding the number of times an application was launched over current and previous month. By hovering over the specific application listed in the report, the dashboard will display how many times that application was launched during the timeframe.

Top Users

With the top frequent user’s dashboard, you are able to easily track who is launching applications and how frequently they access apps. The dashboard will give you the option of viewing the current month or previous month’s data.

Downloadable report

And finally, if you need to download a report for app launch history, you now have the ability to obtain the report in a CSV format for up the last 90 days of usage (month to month or all data over the last 90 days). Simply click the Download App Launch History button at the top right side of the Monitor tab page and select accordingly.

For XenApp Essentials customers these new reporting features are available now in your Monitor tab and stay tuned for more enhancements as we roll them out. Learn more about XenApp Essentials.