Quickly deliver secure apps from Azure to any device

New Citrix cloud service combines the simplicity of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp with the enterprise security and scale of Citrix XenApp

Microsoft announced the next step in its broad partnership with Citrix, helping us develop the next generation of the Azure RemoteApp service. The new Citrix XenApp Essentials Service (previously XenApp “express”) builds upon Microsoft’s vision of Azure RemoteApp by tapping industry-leading XenApp technology to provide additional management, user experience, and security features.

Introducing XenApp Essentials

Fastest, easiest way to deliver apps in the cloud

XenApp Essentials, the new application virtualization service, combines the power and flexibility of the Citrix Cloud platform with the simple, prescriptive, and easy-to-consume vision of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. XenApp Essentials provides superior performance and flexibility by moving the backend infrastructure to the cloud, simplifying app delivery without sacrificing management or end user experience.

What does this mean to current Azure RemoteApp customers?

Citrix delivers simplified management that mirrors many of the workflows existing Azure RemoteApp customers have come to love. XenApp Essentials also simplifies app provisioning, enhances monitoring, strengthens security and optimizes app delivery, which are key features many existing Citrix customers have come to love.

XenApp Essentials is the fastest, easiest way to deliver Windows apps in Azure. Citrix also offers the Citrix Cloud XenApp Service and XenDesktop Service, for delivery of both apps and desktops, plus advanced management and monitoring capabilities.

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  XenApp Essentials XenApp Service and XenDesktop Service
Deliver Windows apps
Deliver Windows desktops  
Proactive notifications & alerting  
Dynamic scaling & power management Basic Advanced
Host location Azure only Azure, on-premises, or hybrid
Includes NetScaler Gateway Service for secure remote access Add on available
NetScaler integration for secure remote access  
Profile management
24x7x365 Support
  XenApp Essentials XenApp Service and XenDesktop Service
Base price $12 per user per month $270 per user per year
User minimum 25 25
Term Monthly, auto-renew Annual
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