Enhancing security and productivity of Office 365 users

As UEM marketers, we hear this question a lot. The reason: As part of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Intune is perceived to have pretty good value, and does a good job with mobile device and application management. In fact, only Intune can manage Microsoft Office 365 apps, so anytime Office 365 is involved, you must have EMS/Intune. Hence the question, “I already have Intune… why do I need Citrix Endpoint Management?”

My answer is, you don’t…

unless, you require:

  • a higher level of security, especially if you have on-prem resources like Exchange,
  • a better user experience, to increase satisfaction and productivity, or
  • a wider range of supported apps and devices than offered by Microsoft.

Here’s how Citrix Endpoint Management satisfies these requirements.

Higher level of security

I often hear about data security concerns related to email when an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server is in use. The reasons range from credentials and up to 30 days of data being cached (potential security risk) when using cloud-based proxies for their mobile email clients; to Outlook not supporting ActiveSync; to not being able to monitor, filter or block individual connections or devices.

Citrix Endpoint Management solves this problem with Citrix Secure Mail, an enterprise-grade secure email client with all the features of native email apps and much more. This single app provides email, calendar, contacts, and file attachments.

XenMobile protects data-at-rest with Citrix Encryption on the device and the NetScaler microVPN technology protects data-in-transit.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Blocking individual devices or operating systems, enabled by Citrix microVPNs,
  • Customized ActiveSync policies based on devices, users or groups of users,
  • Quarantining at device level
  • Monitoring of individual connections or devices, and
  • No cached credentials or data
Citrix XenMobile Endpoint Management Service takes care of on-premises Exchange concerns with Secure Mail and NetScaler microVPN to secure data-at-rest with Citrix Encryption on the device and data-in-transit with our microVPN technology.

Better user experience

The complaints I’ve heard are about the user experience suffering because the user is unable to open Office 365 email attachments on mobile devices; or once opened they can’t be cut and pasted to a non-Office 365 app. For example, when using the native mobile email client, every time users try to open and cut some text from a Word doc email attachment, they get an error message saying this operation is not allowed. The result is unhappy users and calls to the help desk to find out why.

This is not necessarily a bad thing from a DLP point-of-view — you don’t want company data being compromised, but it’s pretty frustrating if the expectation is this should be a normal workflow. What’s needed are productivity apps, like email, that will work safely and seamlessly with Office 365 apps.

For seamless interaction with Office 365 apps, XenMobile offers Secure Mail and Citrix ShareFile. Unlike competitive offerings that use bridge software to translate and transfer Office 365 data between their MAM and Intune, both Secure Mail and ShareFile are Intune “enlightened”. This means they have the Microsoft EMS SDK embedded — a natural, more stable integration that will not suffer breakage from app updates, container changes or OS updates, and can be managed by Intune and reside within Intune App Protection — Microsoft’s MAM container.

In this example, the user need only (1) tap the attachment link in the email and the file or doc is opened. (2) tap the Upload icon, then (3) tap the desired application – Word in this example – and (4) the document opens ready for editing.

Because it resides in the Intune container, Secure Mail can seamlessly interact with all Office 365 apps and sanctioned storage. Oh, and no more calls to the help desk because Secure Mail interaction with email attachments works the way the user expects it to.

Wider range of supported apps and devices

I’ve spoken with others that like EMS/Intune and Office 365, but they need this combination to support other devices besides Android, iOS or Windows 10; or they need to support other types of apps such as virtual, web, or SaaS apps.

XenMobile supports the widest range of devices, including MacOS, ChromeOS, tvOS, IoT and Raspberry Pi devices, in addition to Android — all flavors — iOS and Windows 10 devices.

Intune is required for Office 365, however XenMobile Endpoint Management MDM can be used to provide support for the device platforms listed and adds 200 + MDM policies, in addition to the 70+ MAM policies available for non-Office 365 apps.

For support of other app types, XenMobile includes a single unified enterprise app store inside Secure Hub, where Office 365 apps and all the different app types in the green box may be securely accessed.

So, if you require a…

  • Higher level of security (especially if you use Exchange on-prem)
    • Data protected in transit and at rest
    • Secure access of on-prem Exchange with NetScaler mVPN
    • 200+ MDM policies
    • 70+ MAM policies
  • Better user experience, with less clicks and a more natural work flow
    • Seamless integration with all O365 apps
    • Citrix Secure Mail
    • Interaction with Office 365 apps works the way users expect it to
  • Wider range of supported apps and devices than Microsoft offers, or
    • Android, iOS, Windows 10, MacOS, ChromeOS, tvOS, Raspberry Pi, IoT
    • Single unified enterprise app store for O365, mobile, virtual, SaaS, web and custom/LoB apps
  • More streamlined IT admin experience
    • Managing different types of apps and different device platforms from a single console

…then Citrix XenMobile Endpoint Management is the right choice for you.

Find out more about Citrix XenMobile Endpoint Management Service integration with Microsoft EMS/Intune and Office 365.

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