As we set out to fulfill our vision of the future of work, we are specifically targeting three areas of focus: accelerating productivity; keeping businesses secure; and capitalizing on Cloud technology. On our journey, we’ve found a credible partner in HP!

As more and more people go mobile with their work, the definition of workspace is evolving. A new generation of workers craves technology to gather more meaning and autonomy from work. They expect devices and systems that are powerful, intuitive, and anticipate their needs. In addition, their expectations of work, devices, apps, and security continually evolve, and businesses must adapt to meet those changing expectations. We’ve been working with laser focus to help address these challenges and provide you an unrivaled user experience.

The workspace of the future is constantly evolving, with new devices and cloud-based services becoming available. The challenge is to provide a unique approach to integrate, manage, and secure these devices and services seamlessly.

You can get a sneak peek into how HP and Citrix are working together to help solve these crucial challenges in the industry. Explore how we are enabling the next generation of virtualized computing and cloud-first application adoption across industries. In addition, discover how we are partnering to deliver solutions for the modern workforce and help equip your end-users with the right technology.

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