Bernd Dausch and his colleagues at Schuster & Walther, a longtime Citrix partner based in Germany, recognized a common business challenge that many of their customers in the legal field were facing.

“Their file-sharing methods were inefficient,” said Dausch. “They need to keep the files secure, so they were packing them up in briefcases, driving them to client or courthouse locations, dropping them off, and going back to their offices. The process could take hours.”

Because they were dealing with sensitive legal documents, many of their customers were hesitant to move their files to the cloud. Additionally, moving any files to the cloud required additional consent from the customer, which added complexity for both Schuster & Walther and its customers.

In an effort to discover the best possible solution for their customers, Schuster & Walther researched various file sync-and-share solutions. They even tested a well-known, cloud-based file-sharing tool to understand if it would be a good fit for their clients.

“That solution was good for personal use, but it wasn’t going to work to solve the business challenges our customers were facing,” he explains.

Instead, they turned to Citrix ShareFile and got creative.

Schuster & Walther immediately recognized that data storage flexibility would be a critical value driver for their customers. With options to store data on-premises or in the cloud, they could store data for customers on their terms.

Using the ShareFile API, Schuster & Walther built a custom solution for legal firms. Their proprietary tool enables customers to scan paper documents with ShareFile, which automatically moves the documents to the appropriate folders in their account.

That’s not where it ends, though. Schuster & Walther leverages ShareFile workflows to read documents and automatically process them. A use case for this is digitizing invoices for their customers. The workflow automates steps that were previously manual, reducing turnaround time and reducing the chance for human error.

As a dedicated Citrix partner, Schuster & Walther is not just enabling its customers with a state-of-the-art content collaboration tool; the firm is providing them with an integrated, secure digital workspace from Citrix:

  • Customers are securely accessing their apps and desktops through Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, leveraging Drive Mapper to access to critical files in their virtual environment
  • NetScaler Gateway provides secure remote access to the ShareFile solution as well as other web and SaaS applications
  • End users can securely access their files on the devices of their choice while IT manages mobile apps and devices across platforms.

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