How much do you know about “multi-cloud security”? If you are like me then it may not have been on your radar up until now. But all that changes in a nanosecond when you consider deploying applications or services into public clouds, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and SoftLayer.

{Insert Best Announcer Voice}

Citrix Synergy 2018 wouldn’t be complete without the presence of our one of our key technology partners, Intel, whose architecture is prominent in the data centers powering some of the worlds key public cloud providers. The Citrix and Intel relationship is key from both the Citrix software and hardware portfolio. Citrix workloads land on data centers powered by Intel technology allowing for optimal performance, and Citrix Networking is comprised of Intel’s innovative architecture.

We are thrilled to have Intel sponsor Citrix Synergy 2018 and have them showcase our joint solutions in Citrix Networking and SD-Wan with Intel Architecture.

The close technical association between Intel and Citrix ensures uncompromising application performance and security as we work together to deliver Citrix NetScaler appliances for ADC, Firewalls, Gateways, SD-WAN, and Network Management.

Oh sure, we dabbled in the public cloud early enough with a limited set of apps and services. And we tolerated disparity between these cloud services and our on prem environments such as maintaining high availability and disaster recovery.

It was like on-line shopping in the early days. We grudgingly accepted differences between brick and mortar and cloud offerings.

But as our strategy for “multi-cloud” evolved and we started relying more and more on HA/DR and even federated authentication and then, then our employees started getting tangled up in authenticating to each and every service separately, we started realizing that a Hybrid Multi-Cloud world needed a unified strategy.

Whoa! I know, I know. The seemingly easiest path to this growing on-prem, public cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world would seem to be a cloud-native load balancer, those that are offered by the CSP themselves. But, and this is a big but, often these cloud native solutions are too limited to effectively achieve our nirvana which is parity between on-prem and multi-cloud capabilities.

For example, the CSP load balancer may not offer GSLB across clouds, UDP and database load balancing, an authentication engine AND an App Firewall. But we have it on-prem with NetScaler, don’t we.

Some cloud providers may charge extra features such as secure remote access and VPN capabilities. Or even offer features like enhanced load balancing and persistent connections, TCP profiles, multiplexing and surge queuing and even IP reputation. But we get them with NetScaler.

Did we even mention any of the analytic capabilities that Citrix delivers in a multi-cloud world? End to end visibility? App performance and analytics? SSL enforcement and more? All to deliver full control of an app environments in multi-cloud environments.

I know one thing for sure. I am hungry. Hungry for more knowledge on Citrix networking solutions and demos in this multi-cloud world with enhanced security and performance. Ok, mostly I’m just hungry but that’s a different diet related topic.

If you are attending #CitrixSynergy then bust a move over to booth 410, look for the big blue and white sign that reads, “Multi-Cloud Security.” This is the Intel booth and they will have a team of Subject Matter Experts there that will field all our questions.

  • “How do Intel & Citrix deliver high performance security in multi-cloud?
  • “Tell me about multi-tenant security.”
  • “I want policy management and micro-segmentation. Betcha can’t do that!”

Ok, one of those was not a question and the last one was just a challenge. But heck, that’s what they are there for. After that I plan on getting a snack because I’m still hungry.