Meet Citrix Ready partner Ivanti at booth 409 at Synergy Solutions Expo 2018!

Here is a guest blog post by Jon Rolls, VP of Product Management at Ivanti. Ivanti is a key Citrix Ready partner and their technologies help secure, optimize, and automate Citrix environments.

One of the hardest — and costliest — challenges facing organizations today is having to maintain and support on-premises IT infrastructure. Rack space, server costs, hardware lifecycles, and an IT staff capable of supporting the infrastructure all contribute to a spiraling, and often exceeded, IT budget. Therefore, many organizations are looking to migrate on-premises infrastructure to the cloud to help reduce overall IT costs and increase efficiency.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based models can provide huge cost savings over traditional on-premises delivered desktops, including a reduced maintenance and support costs, fewer software upgrades, less patching and a faster time to production, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership and higher business value. However, a hybrid cloud solution allows organizations to take a staged approach to cloud adoption, reducing business risk and allowing greater control of mixed IT services.

Citrix Cloud services deliver unified and reliable access to the apps, data, and network employees need, via a single management plane, thereby, providing a fast, easy and flexible approach to delivering a cost-effective and secure hybrid-cloud workspace for users.

Accelerate Citrix Cloud adoption

Ivanti, with its secure, cloud-ready user personalization capabilities, streamlines the migration of users from older, or on-premises, versions of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, enabling organizations to accelerate their adoption of Citrix Cloud-managed desktops.

Visit Ivanti’s booth and find how effortless migration of users’ personal settings and files, along with the ability to configure or enforce context-aware workspace settings, helps accelerate the move to Citrix Cloud and provides maximum flexibility across different XenApp or XenDesktop versions, cloud infrastructures or host platforms. It also ensures non-persistent models can be adopted, reducing op-ex costs and simplifying ongoing workspace management.

How it works

Citrix Cloud delivery controllers communicate with Citrix Cloud connectors, located either on-premises or in public cloud services such as Azure or AWS, to bring together disparate IT services into a centrally managed, hybrid cloud environment.

Stop by Ivanti’s booth 409 and learn how Ivanti’s User Workspace Manager infrastructure can be hosted on-premises, in hybrid or full cloud environments to cater for any organization’s needs.

The benefits of Ivanti for Citrix Cloud

Used in conjunction with Citrix Cloud services, Ivanti empowers IT to deliver cloud-hosted desktops to users faster and more successfully, ensuring reduced time-to-value. Ivanti’s unique and efficient GeoSync technology allows specific users’ personalization settings to be replicated across different geographical locations only when required, and is ideal for users who travel regularly between various places of work, or for when services are hosted in different data centers or locations such as with Citrix Cloud services.

Ivanti User Workspace Manager enables:

  • A consistent desktop experience across physical, virtual and Citrix Cloud managed desktops
  • 90% reduction in logon times for rapid workspace access and increased user acceptance
  • A reduction in help desk calls to ease cloud adoption and heighten project approval
  • Effortless user migration from XenApp & XenDesktop 6.x
  • Faster and easier replication of users’ personal settings across geographical boundaries
  • Automation of Ivanti infrastructure in Citrix Cloud environments using Citrix Cloud blueprints, PowerShell cmdlets, well-documented APIs, and simple scripts

Click here to find out more about Ivanti User Workspace Manager. Visit Ivanti’s booth 409 at Citrix Synergy 2018.