This is not news.

I repeat. This is not news!

If you have been following the Virtual Desktop, VDI, Hyperconverged, HCI and any of the burgeoning cloud momentum, this is not news to you.

Citrix and Nutanix are partnering once again to bring you the latest innovations in secure digital workspaces and will be showcasing those advancements in simulcast.

I am overjoyed that Citrix will be a Gold sponsor at this year’s Nutanix .NEXT event in New Orleans. The Big Easy. May 8, 9 and 10.

The lead up to this great event has been palpable. I have watched in utter amazement at the advancements that Citrix and Nutanix have made in simplifying the deployment of Virtual Desktops with InstantOn. Literally — and I don’t say that in the figurative sense — they have taken what used to be several disparate layers of Storage, Network, Compute and more and simplified them into a single, software managed, Hyperconverged appliance.

In a matter of minutes and minimal clicks I can have an entire VDI stack up and running on prem. Minutes, people, not hours or days like it used to take. Minutes!

Now, I know what you’re saying. I can sense it over the Ethernet like a sixth sense. You’re saying, “That’s great for on-prem, but I am cloud curious.”

Well, my friends, you are in luck because at .Next Citrix and Nutanix will be showcasing InstantOn for Citrix Cloud.

As you may well know, Citrix Cloud takes the management plane of a Citrix environment and hosts it in the cloud where it can still be operated and controlled by you, but the burden of updating and maintaining that infrastructure can be relieved by Citrix. Keeping it up and updated.

And your workloads? Those virtual apps and desktops for example? Put them where you want. In a cloud hosted environment of your choice or under an on prem lock and key like always. Not only will Citrix Cloud be able to operate with your workloads no matter where they are but now with Nutanix InstantOn for Citrix Cloud you can deploy those workloads to an HCI environment and… AND… are you ready for this?

In an automated fashion. Click – click – finish, your Nutanix HCI can be automatically connected, leveraging the Citrix Cloud Connector, to your Citrix Cloud management plane. In the cloud.

Hello Hybrid Cloud, you sexy, secure, efficient stud, you.

How important is Nutanix .NEXT to Citrix, you may ask? So important that we are going to shuttle a team of Citrites and Nutonians from Citrix Synergy in Anaheim (May 8 – 10) on a Southwest flight straight to NOLA.

A veritable NERD Bird going halfway across the USA.

Again, this is not news for those VDI/HCI/Cloud fans but it does raise an important side note. Just like platforms, hypervisors and clouds, you have flexibility and choice. If you can’t join Citrix at Nutanix .NEXT, why not Join Nutanix at Citrix Synergy?

As I like to quote: “Shun the tyranny of ‘or’. Embrace the genius of ‘and’”.