A critical part of the everyday administration is proactively monitoring enterprise solutions.

Here is an example: John is a XenMobile administrator who is responsible for managing 150K+ users and devices in his organization. On the top of his daily to-do list is to ensure that users enjoy a coherent user experience while their devices remain secure. To manage a large number of user devices and apps, his organization has deployed multiple XenMobile Server nodes, external database servers, Active Directory, and DNS, besides using external services like Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. So, when you have a large network of users that are interconnected with a wide range of services, like John does, proactively monitoring all these services and systems is critical.

With the latest on-premises release of XenMobile 10.8, XenMobile administrators, like John, should be able to monitor these services and systems effortlessly. XenMobile Server 10.8 supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for monitoring. SNMP is an industry-standard protocol for management and monitoring of enterprise systems. SNMP v3 provides authentication and encryption based on the User-based Security Model (USM).

SNMP lets you query network devices for their system parameters, such as RAM, disk storage, processor load. You can also set an alert, known as a trap, that notifies you when these parameters exceed a custom threshold. A third party SNMP manager allows you to create queries and set alerts. Besides default system parameters, XenMobile also supports monitoring external services through SNMP as well.

With support for SNMP v3 built-in, XenMobile Server 10.8 helps John to monitor CPU, memory, and disk utilization, and to carry out connectivity checks for interconnected services. John can take preemptive actions before potential issues occur within a production environment.

For more information on working with SNMP Monitoring in XenMobile, click here.

If SCOM is your choice of Manager to support SNMP monitoring, for configuration recommendations, see this article.

So, there you go! Stay on top of your XenMobile deployments by monitoring vital parameters and services today.