I could watch this episode of T3G like Tom Brady watches game films.

Over and over, for hours a day.

I must admit going into this recording, my experience with Office 365 was limited and I had many preconceived notions and assumptions that I gathered from talking to IT professionals on the conference circuit.

  • Is Office 365 a SaaS or “webified” version of Word, Excel, etc?
  • Is Office 365 just a subscription model?
  • Is Microsoft 365 the same as Office 365?

In this episode, I am swollen with pride because we scored one of The True Legends™ as a guest. I’m talking about none other than long-time (I’m talking 25 years here, folks) Citrite (our affectionate term for people who work at Citrix), Kurt Moody. In no time at all, Kurt and I went from “recording” mode and slipped right into “two-old-friends-talking-tech” mode. The outtakes from this episode are laugh-out-loud entertaining. But those will have to come later.

I love Kurt’s positioning — what I’ll call a “Kurtism” — that the digital perimeter has changed from the physical network to the person themselves.

BOOM! Think about that for just a micro-second.

In my professional lifetime, I’ve seen the workspace evolve incredibly. It used to be a brick-and-mortar “thing” that people clocked into at 08.58 in the morning and punched out of at 5.03 PM. Once they left and hopped on their train home, work became a distant memory. The digital perimeter on which IT had to focus ended at the revolving doors.

Today, however, I can (and do!) work from anywhere and everywhere. Literally anywhere — and on seemingly endless array of devices and applications. Legacy apps, SaaS, Mobile and more. This means that an IT department needs to worry about the security boundary that is, well, me! Because wherever I am and whatever device I’m on is my digital perimeter.

I hope you tune in to see what has Kurt so worked up about Citrix Workspaces and Office 365 that he runs down the hallway, arms flailing with excitement. No. I’m not joking. He’s like a technical Kermit the Frog. But unlike TB12 watching game film, this only lasts minutes, not hours.

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