We are excited to share details about how we continue to work with Microsoft, further aligning in the field and helping our partners sell joint Citrix-Microsoft solutions. At Citrix Summit 2018, we reiterated our commitment to winning together with Microsoft by announcing the availability of Citrix XenApp Essentials through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Channel.

XenApp Essentials is the easiest and fastest way to deliver Windows apps from Azure to any device. Previously, XenApp Essentials was only available as a direct transaction between Microsoft and the end customer via the Azure Marketplace. With this rollout, Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers ( both Tier 1 & 2) are now able to purchase XenApp Essentials on behalf of their customers, capitalizing on the opportunity to deliver first class service and increase their revenue opportunities. Microsoft CSPs who are also Citrix Partners can receive additional incentives from Citrix and take advantage of Citrix Cloud Partner tools to further simplify the experience for end users. Learn more about the incentives here.

How it works:

In order to purchase XenApp Essentials, via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Channel, you need:

  • Customer’s Citrix Cloud Account
  • Microsoft Azure Subscription

Citrix Service Providers, you have the added benefit of access to the Citrix Cloud Partner account, which allows you to easily create new Citrix Cloud accounts for your customers using the customer dashboard as shown below. You will be required to reference the customer’s Citrix Cloud account during the purchase of XenApp Essentials from Azure Marketplace.

If you are not a Citrix Service Provider Partner, you will need to have the customer provide you access to his specific Citrix Cloud account in order to complete the transaction.

As a Microsoft CSP, you get access to Microsoft Partner Center, where you can easily add a customer and then add the Microsoft Azure Subscription for that customer using ‘add a customer’ and ‘add subscription’ workflows as shown below. If you already have a Microsoft Azure Subscription for your customer created, you can skip the below step and directly proceed to purchase of XenApp Essentials.

Once the Microsoft Azure subscription is added to the customer’s account, simply log into the Microsoft Azure Management Portal for the customer, search for XenApp Essentials and complete the purchase of the XenApp Essentials subscription. Please ensure that you use the customer’s Citrix Cloud account when prompted for Citrix Cloud account. Once the XenApp Essentials Service is provisioned, please follow the deployment guide to set up XenApp Essentials environment.

A step-by-step guide has been created to walk you through the steps to add and manage customers; you can find it here. For further details, please contact your Microsoft Partner Account Manager.

We are excited about the momentum we have with Microsoft and the work we’re doing together to remove obstacles, making the sales motion more profitable and shortening the sales cycle for partners. Look for more exciting new announcements coming soon for XenApp Essentials.

Interested in becoming a Citrix Service Provider? Follow this link for more details or reach out to CSP@citrix.com for assistance.

Interested in becoming a Citrix Solutions Advisor? Follow this link or reach out to the local partner operations team for assistance.

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