As we enter the New Year, I have been reflecting upon the immense responsibility Citrix has to deliver the experience, security, and choice people and organizations need to unlock innovation, engage customers, and be productive – anytime, anywhere. I’ve also been recounting some of the extraordinary examples of tech-driven innovation and transformation illustrated in the Citrix 100 Days of Customers series we launched last year.

The series showcased how customers of all industries and sizes are using Citrix solutions to harness complexity, improve productivity, secure their infrastructures, and make their journey to the cloud. While there are so many great learnings from the series, I’d like to look back at five key takeaways that all organizations can employ to drive positive outcomes for their businesses, their employees, and their own customers in the year ahead:

Technology Should Fuel Productivity, Not Hinder It. As we saw in the case of Partners Healthcare, productivity is not just about doing things fast. It’s about having reliable access to the tools and information you need to do things effectively and securely. And nowhere is productivity more critical than in healthcare, where having reliable access to apps and information can be a matter of life and death.

Cloud Sprawl Impacts Companies of all Sizes. But Anyone Can Tame It! Take fast-growing automotive dealer Clint Newell Auto Group which faced challenges familiar to most: Will apps and content be available when needed? How will we manage access and protect sensitive customer information? Can we manage all the complexity that comes with adopting new technologies while maintaining critical legacy systems? Citrix Cloud helped them enhance employee productivity, keep information secure, and empowered IT to embrace new tech without giving up mission-critical and custom apps.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Productivity for Security. Manufacturer McWane showed us productivity and security don’t have to be mutually exclusive. To the contrary, McWane tapped Citrix virtualization, mobility, and networking products to securely deliver high-performing apps and content to its mobile workforce in varying environments, across a host of different devices, at any time.

There is a Cure for Complexity. IT executives are up against an exhausting array of systems fraught with complexity. That was the challenge of Fairview Health Services, a network of hospitals and clinics in Minnesota. To harness complexity, Fairview took a page from the playbooks of the 10 largest healthcare organizations in the U.S.: they leveraged Citrix for secure single sign-on to all medical record and productivity apps and to ensure reliable app performance. The result: greater physician and clinician productivity and enhanced care for patients.

User Experience Matters – Big Time. That’s what Chevron Phillips knew when they chose Citrix Workspace. In IT, the employee is your internal customer and deploying solutions employees want to use can be the difference between IT investments that sit idle, and IT investments that drive productivity. By adopting unified and personalized digital workspaces, Chevron Phillips has given more than 5,000 global employees technology they want to use to get work done anywhere in the world.

The last 100 days have given us valuable examples of tech-driven transformation. I look forward to exploring new ways customers are employing Citrix to unlock innovation, engage customers in new ways, and be productive – anytime, anywhere.