After nearly three decades as a technology marketer and analyst, I am no stranger to hype (in truth, I may have been guilty of fueling some in my day). Yet, it seems that tech-hype has reached new heights.

Everywhere you look, some new technology vows to fix what ails you. SaaS promises greater agility. Cloud claims to lower TCO. Mobile helps your employees be more productive. AI makes you smarter. And IoT automates your least-favorite tasks.

Today’s scrutinizing IT buyer is far too savvy to believe the hype. In fact, most CIOs are now firmly entrenched in a Missouri state of mind: challenging aspiring technology providers to show me how your solutions can truly simplify my job and improve my business.

It’s been my experience that there’s no better way to truly demonstrate the value of technology than through real customers sharing their own stories. That’s why I am excited to announce the launch of Citrix 100 Days of Customers.

For the remainder of the year, we will be showcasing real-world stories of companies across a diverse range of industries that are using Citrix to tame complexity, improve productivity, and secure their hybrid, multi-cloud (and multi-device) infrastructures.

No hype. No marketing spin. Just straight talk from real customers.

In the coming weeks, I’ll spotlight a series of videos where customers will share their first-hand strategies, experiences, and lessons learned using Citrix to realize their digital transformation goals and drive positive outcomes for their businesses, their employees, and their own customers. 

The first story I am proud to share features Flex, one of the world’s largest global contract manufacturing and supply chain management providers, which is leveraging the Citrix Cloud to securely deliver a unified digital workspace to full-time and contract employees.