Every year, #CitrixSummit provides the perfect showcase for the year’s big reveal: The winner of the Innovation Award for Partners! And this year was no different.

Nominees for the Citrix Innovation Award exemplify how Citrix partners across the globe are designing, building and thinking about the future of work… and beyond.

This year, our industry pioneers MOQdigital, AceIQ, and Coretek Services have implemented first-of-their-kind solutions that make business as usual simpler, more flexible, more secure, and they make the world we live in a better place.

In case you missed them, be sure to check out the stories of these great companies’ journey into the cloud.

While we had three great partner finalists, there could be only one winner. And the winner of the 2018 Innovation Award for Partners was…

[drumroll, please]

Coretek Services! Based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, just outside of Detroit, this Platinum Citrix Solution Advisor, which I first introduced to you in December, in concert with Citrix and Microsoft, developed a global solution for virtualized 3D apps hosted in Azure that helps Wolverine Worldwide, one of the world’s leading footwear and apparel distributors, accelerate time to market for new consumer products.

Wolverine Worldwide and its team of shoe designers was using a 3-D modeling application that was accessed from an on-premises server. This worked great when their team was just 15 members on their Michigan campus, but as their team grew and spread around the world, they needed something more flexible, something that would grow as they did. So, they turned to Coretek Services.

You get what you want out of life by helping others get what they want out of life. — Ron Lisch, CEO Coretek Services

Taking this notion, Coretek took up the challenge of solving Wolverine’s problem. “We rearchitected WWW’s system,” says Lisch, “to optimize the power of Citrix and HDX technologies combined with NetScaler and its secure access, as well as Microsoft Azure, a cloud that’s known for its speed.”

In just 8 weeks, they went from architectural design to implementation and rollout of their hybrid cloud solution. The new system has brought Wolverine’s teams together and has greatly improved their efficiency. According the Wolverine Worldwide’s CIO Dee Slater, “On our old system, it took 425 days to get from the idea stage to production and having a new product in consumers’ hands; now, that same process takes just 140 days!”

With Coretek Services and Citrix, Wolverine Worldwide was able to take a bold leap into the cloud and, as Ron Lisch said, “We helped them get what needed to get done… done.”