Hey Domain Administrators! Do you know how SSON Configuration Checker has eased domain-pass through configuration? Well, if you don’t then this is the right place.

Maybe domain pass-through authentication is a simple concept, but at times it doesn’t work well, which is mainly due to configuration issues. So, we often end up referring to this support article

Users generally prefer using graphical user interface rather than the command line option. Citrix Receiver for Windows (v4.5 and later) provides a utility tool to help you run tests to ensure that the pass-through authentication is configured correctly. The configuration checker is pretty simple to use and gives straightforward information about the configuration.

Introducing the SSON Configuration Checker!

Let’s see how the configuration checker can help you. The configuration checker utility can be accessed from the Advanced Preferences dialog.

With SSON Configuration Checker, you are no longer required to remember all the configurations required for Domain pass through.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Simply select the SSONChecker option in the GUI and click on “Run.” A progress bar then appears, displaying the status of the test with number of checks that were performed with one failure.

Look closer at the report displayed

  • A red status/Icon indicates that the Single Sign-on process is not running after installing SSON component, which only needs to logoff/on the client end-point.
  • Information icon indicates that the Citrix Single Sign-on is not first in the Network Providers list and might not be mandatory for Domain Pass-through authentication configuration.
  • Store related tests are displayed only when the store is configured using Receiver

Our product documentation will help you guide and run through the tests that are covered for domain pass through feature; just a simple click on the link here will take you to the detailed page.

Also, do you know the utility provides an option to save the test report in .txt?

Hope this blog helps you in getting domain pass through configured without any hiccups.

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