“XenApp Essentials, The Revenge: Return of the Kireeti.”

It’s not all that uncommon that a sequel turns out better than the original. For example, “The God Father II”, “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”… or my second marriage (RIMSHOT!)

So, it is — with the fanfare, pomp and circumstance of these great sequels — that I bring you the follow-up to my interview with XenApp Essentials Product Manager Kireeti Valicherla (he made me drop the ‘world renowned’ from his title).

A quick recap of Episode 1

Kireeti took us on a rollercoaster of emotion with an introduction of XenApp Essentials and how it’s the Microsoft-recommended replacement for “RemoteApp”. He also discussed the cloud architecture and a step-by-step process on publishing your own apps to Azure. As if that wasn’t enough, somehow we managed to fit in a comprehensive demo on creating virtual machine images.

In this continuation, we pick up right where we left off. The editing is so seamless, I bet you can’t tell.

Here is a partial list of what you can expect to see in under 15 mnutes:

  • Catalog creation
  • Automate Creation of Cloud Connectors
  • N-series VM’s with NVIDIA VGPU
  • Publishing Apps & Assign Subscribers
  • By pulling info from AD via secure cloud connector

Will there be an episode 3 in this TechTalks To Go series? As sure as Fredo takes his last boat trip or Han Solo pays the ultimate price for being an absentee father.

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