The Library is the go-to place for viewing and managing offerings from Citrix Cloud services; it has recently been updated to allow for a better experience for IT admins. Admins can now get more information when viewing offerings or doing subscriber operations.

Managing single offerings

Remember that each individual offering tile can be opened up to display additional details, such as entitlements and so on. Clicking on the dot menu of an offering tile will display a drop-down menu that contains all of the available actions for that offering. Actions might include deleting an offering or opening the subscriber pop-up window. Offerings can be filtered by service or by the users or groups that are assigned to them.

Managing multiple offerings

Admins can use the multi-select functionality to pick offerings that they want to manage, rather than managing one at a time. However, when multiple tiles are selected only the common actions that are available for each offering will be shown.

Managing Subscription

The user subscription pop-up window is opened when the “manage subscribers” action is clicked. From this window, admins can search for users from their active directory or azure active directory and subscribe them or remove them from offerings.

What’s New in the Library

Several improvements have been made to the Library, including new animations, performance enhancements, and layout changes. Here are a few of the top changes :

Entitlement icons: When on the main page, the offering tiles will now show the entitlement icons contained in the offering next to the title.

Notifications for successful subscriber actions: The subscriber operations now display a small pop-up notification showing how many subscribers were added or removed after a successful action.

Error details: When an operation fails, the admin can now retry and see more details regarding the failure if applicable.

If you have any feedback for the Library, please submit it via the Citrix Cloud management plane by going to the feedback page found in the navigation bar. To learn more about Citrix Cloud services, please visit