While Citrix support for Microsoft is woven throughout our history, we have a strong commitment to Linux.

No doubt, Citrix has made significant advancements to securely deliver windows apps and desktops through our strong partnership with Microsoft, and we work closely with Microsoft to provide day 1 support for latest the Microsoft Windows Platform whether it’s deployed on premises or in the Cloud.

Since its launch, the XenApp/XenDesktop team managing the Linux VDA is working equally as hard with various Linux platform support partners such as Redhat, CentOS, SUSE and Ubuntu to bring you the best Linux VDA in the market. Moreover, we are not only catching up with the feature gaps between Windows VDA and Linux VDA, but also uniquely developing Linux VDA to achieve customer’s needs in terms of security, productivity and cost savings.

To illustrate the Linux VDA team’s continuous commitment on feature delivery, please find the below several most adopted features that are beneficial to Linux VDA customers, as of today. For example:

  • Linux application delivery – cost saving solution for Secure Browser case uses as well as enhancing productivity.
  • Easy Install – significantly reducing preparation, installation time and effort.
  • HDX 3D Pro – enabling vGPU support and providing higher scalability for the deployment of 3D workload.
  • Policy Management from Studio – customizing various security policies based on your requirement in a centralized management console.
  • Linux VDA provisioning capability – deploying large amount of Linux VDA with Citrix Provisioning Services.

Our goal at Citrix is that, together with operation system vendors, we can build a strategic insight to meet the increasing requirement from the market and maintain a shared success for our mutual customers.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the ecosystem we are participating in with our Linux OS vendors:

  • Linux VDA is part of Redhat ecosystem as Linux VDA is tested, supported, and certified to incorporate with Red Hat technologies. Details can be found here.

  • Linux VDA is also SUSE Ready, which means, Citrix has performed “self-certification” and have confidence that our solution works properly with SUSE products. You can read additional details here.

We continue to work closely with RedHat and SUSE for future collaboration, making the overall solution with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to help you with the digital transformation of your Linux applications.

At Citrix we are dedicated to making our Linux offering the best in the industry. Stay tuned to Citrix for exciting new updates and see you all at Citrix Summit 2018!