Today, we introduced French, German and Spanish native language support for Citrix Cloud services. This enhancement, part of our previously announced new Citrix Cloud EU region, is the first in a series of planned native language additions to the Citrix Cloud management plane. Citrix Cloud administrators and Citrix Service Providers (CSP) can now work in their first language in both the EU and North America Citrix Cloud regions.

Citrix is an international company. The Citrix Cloud management plane provides the underlying services that make Citrix Cloud services possible around the globe. Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to better serving our customers around the world.

Citrix Cloud language selection works as follows:

  • If you have not explicitly stated a language preference in the login page or the Citrix Cloud UI, we will use the same language as your browser default locale setting
  • To change or select your preferred language, click the upper right drop down menu, click the language link, select the language you prefer and click change language – it will take a few seconds to change
  • Once you pick a language we persist this across browser sessions using a cookie, but it can be changed at any time

The screenshots below show this in more detail.

Citrix Cloud in English – Select the top right menu and click English to get the language selector
Language Selector – Choose the language you want and click change language
Citrix Cloud in French

Language Availability by Service





Citrix Cloud management plane Yes Yes Yes
ShareFile Yes Yes Yes
XenMobile Services Yes Yes Yes

Citrix Cloud services not listed above are currently only available in English.

We are just getting started, and we will be adding more languages and the number of Citrix Cloud services that support localization and will have more to announce in the coming months.

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