Hola, amigos! It’s me, again. “So soon” you say? Well, Smart Tools being a cloud service and all, we release features every 3 weeks, so you’ll be seeing a lot of me. 🙂

And I have some sweet goodies for you this time; let me go over them one by one.

Power Management Across Machine Catalogs

This Smart Scale feature allows you to power manage machines across machine catalogs. This feature addresses a key high availability use case where customers often have catalogs in different AWS Avalilability Zones or Azure Locations. By balancing out the number of powered on machines across catalogs, Smart Scale enables sites to remain functional even if one of the catalogs becomes inaccessible.


Removing Custom Checks

Many customers and developers who jumped in to create checks quickly discovered that they were not able to delete custom checks — especially the ones they had created to test the functionality. Honestly, we didn’t expect this feature to gain traction so quickly. Fret no more! You can now maintain a clean list of checks by deleting the ones that you don’t need.

Fig 1:  Removing custom check


Controlling Site Discovery

This feature allows you to control which XenApp/XenDesktop sites show up in your Smart Check interface — a very handy enhancement for customers with more than 5 sites. Prior to this release, Smart Check would automatically discover a site as soon as a Scout or Call Home upload for that site was detected. Customers with many sites found that this “polluted” their view. So, with this release, this feature will be turned off by default.

Fig 2: Turning on Site discovery


Hiding Or Deleting Sites

You can now hide or delete sites easily. Smart Check has two kinds of sites:

  • Discovered sites that don’t have the agent installed on them. These sites are discovered when you upload a diagnostic (Scout or Call Home) bundle.
  • Managed sites that have the Smart Tools agent installed on the delivery controller.

Discovered XenApp/XenDesktop site can only be hidden while managed sites can be deleted.

Fig 3: Deleting a managed site
Fig 4: Deleting a discovered site



As always, it is a pleasure serving all of you. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions; please keep them coming.