Let’s face it, while many customers who deploy XenApp and XenDesktop as their app and desktop virtualization platforms of choice do so on XenServer, there are others still running vSphere as their hypervisor.

If you are currently running your XenApp and XenDesktop deployments on vSphere, not only are you missing out on the unique integrations the full Citrix stack offers, but you’re overpaying (to the tune of $136/desktop over three years). Take advantage of your entitlement to XenServer Enterprise, which is included in every edition of XenApp and XenDesktop. The savings could be used for other IT initiatives, or your vSphere licenses repurposed to run other workloads.

Now, with the launch of HotLink’s Hybrid Express for Citrix, you can simplify the management of XenServer hosts and VMs by using your existing VMware vCenter management console.

With HotLink, XenServer resources are managed side-by-side with vSphere resources, with all the same vCenter administration and management features and functions. For example, you can execute vCenter management tasks on XenServer hosts, such as cloning, taking snapshots, and migrating VMs. You can seamlessly migrate from vSphere to XenServer with integrated and automated VM conversion. You can even provision XenServer workloads from existing VMware templates and utilize your current tools and workflows cross-platform.

If you are considering moving to XenServer, you are in good company. Many companies are. Very large, well-known companies. You have probably flown with them, bank with them, shop with them, use them as your mobile carrier, etc. You can check out all of our XenServer customer stories.

XenServer is the most integrated hypervisor with XenApp and XenDesktop with unique features like MCS-Accelerator and PVS-Accelerator to optimize your application and desktop virtualization deployments – with up to 80% less read I/O and 300% faster boot times for MCS-Accelerator and with up to 98% less network traffic and 25% faster boot times for PVS-Accelerator. XenServer now offers support for up to 10 years and follows the Current Release and Long-Term Service Release strategy of XenApp and XenDesktop, as well as aligned release and product lifecycle dates with XenApp and XenDesktop.

XenServer is the leader in graphics virtualization, founding the graphics virtualization space with NVIDIA, and the only hypervisor to support all three leading GPU virtualization vendors, with added support for Intel and AMD. Feedback from the community confirms what we already know: the performance of virtualized graphics from XenServer is unmatched.

XenServer is also the leader in hypervisor security, bringing to market a revolutionary security solution, Hypervisor Introspection (HVI) in partnership with Bitdefender. Long story short, with no updates needed, HVI blocked EternalBlue, preventing WannaCry, and there is nothing like is on the market.

With HotLink Hybrid Express for Citrix, you are running out of excuses to migrate your XenApp and XenDesktop deployments to XenServer. Gain from the deep integrations across the Citrix stack, and save your company money for other IT initiatives.

Join our upcoming webinar on 10/25 at 2pm EDT and check out our solutions brief to learn more about XenServer and HotLink Hybrid Express for Citrix.