Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

Over the past 4 years XenMobile Secure Mail has introduced numerous business-class features that allow mobile workers to be more productive while on the go. However, one of our very first features remains most popular with customers.

From a Secure Mail calendar event, users can connect to web and audio conferences with a single touch. No entering of access codes required. For anyone who needs to connect to meetings from their car, this feature is super convenient.

Running late for a meeting? Not a problem. With a single touch of a button you can let meeting attendees know that you’re “Running Late.” No need to send an email or text message.

Integration with third-party web/audio/conferencing apps allows users to create meetings directly from Secure Mail without having to launch a separate application.

Available today, XenMobile 10.7.5 client release includes an updated version of Secure Mail that provides integration with Skype for Business for joining meetings. The screen shot below shows the user experience for joining a meeting.

This integration provides real productivity gains for your end users. Secure Mail will automatically launch into Skype for Business to join into your meeting.

In addition to the Skype for Business integration, XenMobile 10.7.5 supports the ability to disable biometric authentication on Android devices.  With this feature, XenMobile administrators can turn off biometric authentication including fingerprint and iris scan.  This feature requires XenMobile Server 10.7.1 or later and is currently available with the XenMobile Service (cloud).

For more information on XenMobile 10.7.5 client release including features, fixes and known issues, please visit our documentation pages under “What’s new in XenMobile Apps.”