A Citrix Cloud region has been created in the EU to meet the business requirements of enterprises based or operating in Europe. And we’ve added French, German, and Spanish native language support to the Administrators User Interface (UI). These features will be available on a rolling basis beginning later this month. Details are available from Citrix account managers, Citrix Solutions Advisors, and Citrix Service Providers.

The Citrix Cloud services and management plane have been globally available since their introduction. Some of the largest Citrix Cloud services customers are based in Europe, and momentum is accelerating. Organizations ranging from a healthcare system in London to a financial services company in Zurich have moved from on-premises instances of Citrix technologies to Citrix Cloud services. New customers choose the fully-managed platform to speed deployment, eliminate the need to update or upgrade, avoid infrastructure spend, and unlock the many other advantages of software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The addition of the EU region bolsters our global presence. Citrix Cloud services now include:

  • 2 Citrix Cloud regions serving the globe
  • 4 languages supported in Citrix Cloud Administrator UI
  • 19 ShareFile Storage Zones
  • 7 XenMobile Service regions
  • 12 NetScaler Gateway points of presence

Citrix Cloud services customers will select a cloud region as part of the Citrix Cloud services trial registration or subscription process. Not all services have dedicated regional instances.  The following table lists dedicated instances and indicates which services require crossing regional boundaries.

Citrix Cloud table

What hasn’t changed?

Regardless of which Citrix Cloud services region is selected, all customer data stored in customer managed resource locations is entirely under the control of the customer. Citrix has no ability to access or move that data across regions. This gives added data security protection to customers and is a key security and data protection feature of the Citrix Cloud architecture.

Citrix continues to provide follow-the-sun support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Citrix teams around the world are always available to ensure customers and partners always get the assistance required.

And we continue to support any cloud and any hypervisor. Competitors cannot credibly make that claim.

We’re Not Stopping Here

Just as Citrix Cloud services offers options to meet customers wherever they are in their cloud journey, Citrix will continue to add cloud regions to meet the preferences, policies, and requirements of our global customer base. More native language support is also planned.

Read our FAQ for details.

The Citrix team looks forward to increasing the capabilities, performance, and value of Citrix Cloud services.

Look for updates on today’s announcement later in the month. To learn more about Citrix Cloud services, visit https://www.citrix.com/cloud

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