It’s been a few months since I visited the Samsung offices in New York to help unveil the new Samsung S8 mobile phone along with their DeX station. Now, that event was for analysts and, as you can probably guess, the reaction was very positive and filled with lots of “oohhs” and even a few “ahhs”.

But in the months since then there certainly hasn’t been any lack of activity and buzz around this new mobile “workhorse”. I travel, like, a lot. And at every event, conference, and customer meeting the “lean over” I get when I either demo or simply use my S8 with the DeX is always prevalent. I feel like that kid on the playground unwrapping the latest pack of Topps baseball cards.

At Citrix Synergy, my counterpart at Samsung and I gave a breakout session to an overfilled room of expectant customers and prospects. The session was focused squarely on using the Receiver for Android with the S8 and the DeX station. Having a packed room is nothing new, sure. But having a packed room of experienced Citrix professionals eager to see Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop work on a new mobile device is a bit surprising.

I say surprising because it is after all what we’ve been doing with Receiver and Citrix delivered apps and desktops for years. But doing it securely from this phone, that can seamlessly give the full desktop experience by dropping it into the DeX station and instantly display to the connected HDMI monitor, with full keyboard and mouse and whatever USB devices you may have, is everyone’s Nirvana.

Suddenly with the drop of my phone, I went from a “sometimes” device to my “always” device. I can leave the backpack full of devices, power adapters and other “essentials” at home and bring just my S8 and DeX. In my hotel room I plug in the HDMI TV, connect my Bluetooth keyboard, my mouse and I am full on Windows desktop functional. Bazinga!

In fact, as I write this from the Hilton, I am wrapping up yet another technical conference. In one of my sessions – this one not focused on Samsung – I happen to take it out and use it. The reaction was unanimous, “How can we get that?”

For the answer to that and more, tune into the next Samsung Unpacked Event on Wednesday, August 23. This will be one of the few Citrix, Samsung & DeX event where you don’t have to stand, unless you want to.