Here at Citrix, we recognize that different customers need different tools to accomplish their goals. In the end, it is all about selecting the right tools for your environment and business processes to get you moving forward in an efficient way.

Customer success, your success, is important.

You will be seeing different tools, recommendations, updated documentation, and product enhancements to help get you (the customer) moving forward with your demonstration project, that Proof-of-Concept project, and moving into full production.

One of those tools was recently mentioned in this blog post: Citrix Cloud XenDesktop Resource Location ARM Template

Without modification of the template this Azure Resource Manager template is focused on getting you up an going with that very first Demo environment.  it provides everything from an Active Directory Domain to NetScaler VPX.  And the glue in between to make it all work.

Additionally, there are other Citrix Cloud Azure Resource Manager templates that are componentized to support you in building out the infrastructure in your own way or integrating with your current Azure environment for any of the Citrix Cloud offerings.

These are being built to bring success to your Proof-of-Concept and production deployments. You can find the PoC and Production template repository here:

This is a community repository and we would love to see your additions and suggestions.

I would also like to hear your stories and questions about using Azure to deploy your Citrix Cloud service, whether it be XenApp Essentials, XenDesktop Essentials, or XenApp and XenDesktop Service. Lets make it better together.