When speaking with prospective customers, a question that always comes up is “What data is stored in the Cloud?” From a security and privacy perspective, this is a big concern, which is understandable. But more often than not, once we show the architecture of our XenMobile Cloud Service, their minds are set at ease.

With the introduction of the Citrix Cloud Connector earlier this year, we eliminated the need for an IPsec tunnel for enterprise connectivity. That change resulted in the need for an on-premises deployment of NetScaler Gateway, should the customer require micro-VPN functionality to access their Exchange servers for Secure Mail traffic or internal websites. While some customers prefer to have everything managed (including the NetScaler Gateway), having this on-prem in the customer’s DMZ has actually opened up many more opportunities.

From the diagram below, you can see that now, all data traffic (which is the biggest concern from the majority of our customers) travels directly from the device to the NetScaler Gateway residing in the DMZ. This means no data traffic hair pinning through our cloud service.


Sure, there are some attributes stored in our Cloud, but it is limited to device metadata (required for MDM enrollment) and other AD attributes. These are stored in the XenMobile database that is hosted, but it is secured in many ways.

  1. Database is isolated in its own virtual private cloud limited to the XenMobile Servers and Citrix Cloud Operations.
  2. No co-mingling of data, as each customer gets their own dedicated database.
  3. Fully monitored by Citrix Security Operations for intrusion detection and other types of cyber-attacks. 

Now that we have covered the security concerns, there are many reasons that our service makes sense if you are considering mobility or even if you are an existing customer, but are thinking about Cloud.

It is a cloud-first service, so you will have access to features and fixes before our on-prem releases and it is all taken care of behind the scenes. Updates are seamless and there is no downtime for our customers. Let us take care of not just your updates, but also the monitoring of your XenMobile deployment, so you can spend more time focusing on the important things like deploying and managing apps and policies for your end-users.

For more info on transitioning from on-premises to Cloud, please check out this blog post written by our Rapid Deployment Team leader Justin Maeder: “XenMobile Service – On-prem to Cloud”

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