New trends in technology are unlocking a digital transformation, changing the way organizations work, and bringing about new possibilities as well as challenges. As government agencies undergo this transformation, Citrix conducted a survey of 158 of our public sector customers to learn more about the top IT priorities of federal, state and local agencies, as well as to better pinpoint the ways in which Citrix solutions can help them embrace the Future of Work.

“Increasing Productivity”
75% of respondents chose increasing productivity and improving the end-user experience as a top IT priority.
Today’s government employees work and collaborate from anywhere, often in different locations and across time zones. Citrix’s cloud-based collaboration tools, like ShareFile, help teams work more securely and efficiently by allowing teams to communicate, share and edit files, and manage workflows outside of a traditional office. For example:

  • ShareFile allows users to securely send and store large files, and co-edit documents using Microsoft Office 365 integrations;

Plus, with our cloud-based solutions and offline availability of apps and data, productivity won’t be interrupted by weather emergencies, travel, natural disasters, or other events that take users offline or force them to work remotely. 

Improving the End-user Experience
Many employees expect to be able to use multiple devices, including their own, to get work done. The XenMobile Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution supports a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices, and employees will enjoy a native-like experience that is better than locally installed applications.

XenApp and XenDesktop are also designed to deliver a great experience to users across any device. Both solutions offer a variety of features designed to improve the user experience, including a touch-optimized interface for virtual desktops and apps accessed on tablets or smartphones, remote access to office PCs from other devices, email-based account discovery, and the use of mobile device controls instead of native controls. Our solutions also offer personalization and customization, allowing users to install apps and preferences and improving their satisfaction. We also offer easy, seamless access to apps, desktops and data, including for low-bandwidth users—so agencies can get the most out of available network resources and maintain high service levels no matter how users connect.

“Ensuring Security of Data and Applications”
71% of respondents chose ensuring security of data and applications as an important IT priority.

Citrix provides five critical enterprise security capabilities, including identity and access control, network delivery security and segmentation, app and data security in the data center or cloud, and advanced monitoring and response tools. All of these capabilities help organizations meet strict compliance requirements and mitigate risk, while protecting mission-critical apps and data and defending against attacks.

By giving the IT team control over where apps and data reside as well as how they are managed and accessed—as well as separating them from devices and things—Citrix simplifies security. In doing so, we also shift away from traditional IT security approaches: device-level, platform-specific, end-point focused—all of which have historically under-delivered.

“Deliver Data and Applications Across all Devices”
Today’s mobile workforce needs secure access to mission-critical apps and data from any device, and increasingly expect to be able to work from any location on any device. Similarly, 62% of respondents said delivering data and applications across all devices was a top priority for their organization. App and desktop virtualization can give users secure access to Windows, Linux, web, and SaaS applications or full virtual desktops on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. One survey respondent shared, “Users are more mobile than ever and need to get work done wherever they are. Citrix lets them do this.”

Virtualization also allows agencies to embrace bring your own device (BYOD) policies, giving employees the freedom to use their own preferred device and work from anywhere. As another survey respondent noted, “We’re getting our work done remotely on a plane. A plane!”

Citrix solutions allow government agencies to embrace the Future of Work by building a comprehensive strategy to address their IT priorities, unlocking the power of the digital transformation to increase productivity, improve the end-user the experience, and ensure data and applications are secure and available on any device. To learn more about how Citrix can help address IT priorities, visit our Government Briefing Center.