XenApp & XenDesktop 7.14, and XenServer 7.2 amplify the flexibility of a Citrix digital workspace by enhancing security, adding value to your Microsoft solution and optimizing the user experience. Download XenApp & XenDesktop 7.14 today!

Best possible user experience on any device

XenDesktop, with XenServer, is the first desktop virtualization solution to deliver the Windows Continuum experience to any device. This release exemplifies our Microsoft value-add, further solidifies XenServer as the most integrated hypervisor with XenApp and XenDesktop, and illustrates our continuous digital workspace innovation. XenDesktop 7.14 — with patent-pending technology from XenServer 7.2 — is the only VDI platform to enable the Windows Continuum experience (experimental) on any device with a virtual Windows 10 desktop.

Now, virtual desktops on XenDesktop for Windows 10 automatically toggle between tablet and desktop mode upon connection and reconnection, depending on the type of physical client device. And this works with ANY device! You can seamlessly roam from your desktop device to your tablet device and your Windows 10 virtual desktop will automatically transition from desktop mode to tablet mode. When combined with our existing HDX Mobile technologies that provide a native touch experience for virtual apps and desktops on mobile and tablet devices, the time to deploy Windows 10 virtual desktops with XenDesktop has never been better. Learn how HDX technologies optimize application and desktop delivery on all devices.

Win-Win situation with User Layers
Users want to install their own applications, and IT Admins want workspaces that are easy to manage. User Layers gives you both. Offering dedicated virtual desktops to employees is expensive and time-consuming to manage. User Layers gives your employees the ability to install their job-specific applications and plug-ins on pooled desktops! Citrix App Layering means you get the administrative simplicity and cost saving of pooled virtual desktops, while giving your employees the personalized experience of a dedicated desktop PLUS all the existing efficiencies of managing images with App Layering. User Layers are now available for Windows 10 in Citrix Cloud Labs. Learn more about managing image sprawl with App Layering.

Amazing performance at an awesome price… easy as Citrix HDX Ready Pi
Citrix was the first workspace vendor to deliver virtual apps and desktops on Raspberry Pi hardware with our Citrix HDX Ready Pi. Our solution comes fully assembled with HDX optimizations and Citrix Receiver capabilities. The low-cost, high-performance device has set a new standard. The next generation of Citrix HDX Ready Pi introduces our optimized Skype for Business video and audio technology to give you a more native experience for video conferences and voice calls.

But wait, there’s more! Citrix HDX Ready Pi will be the first-ever Pi solution to have dual display! These innovations improve user productivity while positioning Citrix HDX Ready Pis as low-cost, high-performance thin clients. We are working with our distribution vendors ViewSonic and NComputing to have these technologies available later this year. Come check out these innovations, plus all of our new emerging technologies with IoT at Synergy Workspace Experience Center.  Watch a 3D workload in a virtual session on an HDX Pi over a 4G connection

Faster, easier access to Citrix Receiver updates
Citrix is introducing a new Citrix Receiver Update Service that radically simplifies client management across all users. The new Citrix Receiver Update Service is a cloud service that facilitates the upgrade of Citrix Receiver clients to improve manageability of client devices for Mac and Windows. Citrix Receiver for Windows and Citrix Receiver for Mac will come with auto-update enabled and can be configured to auto-update to Current Release (CR) or Long Term Service Release (LTSR) versions. The Citrix Receiver Update Service can also update plug-ins, such as the RealTime Media Engine. By keeping Citrix Receiver versions up to date, users get the experience of the latest features while admins enjoy the simplicity of end-point management.

High definition graphics virtualization experience
XenServer is now the only hypervisor to enable all three major vGPU vendors giving you choice in graphics performance. XenServer 7.2 offers customers the broadest choice for enhancing the visual performance of workspaces powered by XenApp and XenDesktop. Whether CAD users or knowledge workers, XenServer delivers a high-quality user experience to everyone by offering the industry’s highest number of vGPUs per hypervisor. In addition to the already supported platforms from NVIDIA and Intel, the XenServer 7.2 release introduces AMD MxGPU support as an experimental feature. XenServer continues to leads the industry in 3D graphics support, offering the widest range of graphics platforms and graphics applications at the best possible experience. Learn more about XenServer

Administrative Flexibility

Migration made easier with License Type flexibility
XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14 introduces license type flexibility or the ability to combine different license types within a single site. This new flexibility reduces infrastructure costs, minimizes operational overhead, and simplifies migration from older platforms. License type flexibility is ideal for merger and acquisition activities when companies utilize different license types or for accelerating an upgrade from an older XenApp version. Now, you can mix and match product line and model types within a site on a per delivery group basis. For example, you can create one delivery group for XenDesktop Platinum edition user/device licenses and another delivery group for XenApp Platinum edition concurrent license. Assigning license types to a delivery group enables you to consolidate infrastructure, thereby reduce costs and operational overhead while simplifying your administration.

XenServer on Nutanix? Yes, you can!
Nutanix has officially announced support for industry-leading XenApp, XenDesktop, and NetScaler running on Citrix XenServer on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. With XenServer as the most tightly integrated hypervisor for XenApp and XenDesktop, Nutanix customers can now take advantage of unique XenServer features such as provisioning services, high performance graphics, enhanced security, and more. In addition, Provisioning Services 7.14 will now support image provisioning with the Nutanix Acropolis hypervisor, providing customers with even more choices for image management. Learn more about running XenServer on Nutanix.

Expanding your ability to virtualize Linux apps and desktops
XenApp and XenDesktop securely deliver Linux desktops and applications to any device, offering a secure and cost-effective workspace solution. In addition to our existing Linux app and desktop support for NVIDIA GRID GPUs, we now support non-GRID NVIDIA GPUs. Our HDX 3D Pro for Linux capabilities give you an amazing experience with graphic intensive workloads, and now you have even more choice when selecting the best GPU to fit your business needs. Citrix Provisioning Services now also supports the streaming of Ubuntu, a popular Linux distribution known for security, for even greater choice and flexibility.

Greater administrative insights with Director
Citrix Director 7.14 delivers new capabilities giving greater visibility into XenApp and XenDesktop site performance. Analyze XenDesktop storage infrastructure performance with new disk and storage monitoring, including real-time and historical reporting on average IOPS and latency. Citrix is the only VDI and app virtualization vendor to offer NVIDIA GPU monitoring capabilities. Now you can see the utilization of GPU infrastructure to troubleshoot performance issues and assist with capacity planning.

Simplified Administration with Scheduled Snapshots
Snapshot scheduling expands our XenServer standard edition feature set and greatly improve administrative flexibility. You can easily schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly snapshots on a group of VMs. It doesn’t just take the snapshots; it aids in the management of your snapshot lifecycles. By allowing you to set the maximum number of snapshots to keep, XenServer deletes the oldest snapshot in a rolling fashion. Snapshot scheduling seamlessly integrates into your existing administrative processes while providing a maintenance-free failback solution for your virtual workloads.

Introducing Citrix Management Solutions for OMS (Tech Preview)
Gain visibility into your XenApp and XenDesktop environment with the Citrix Management Solutions for Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS). OMS is a cloud-based monitoring solution from Microsoft that eliminates the complexity and investment of on-premises monitoring solutions. Citrix Management Solutions for OMS integrates with Microsoft’s offering to help you detect end-user problems, such as connection failures, slow logon times, and delivery group availability. Citrix Management Solutions for OMS can monitor both on-premises and Azure app and desktop workloads. Learn more about Citrix Management Solutions for OMS.

Expanding our Security Portfolio

Strengthen app and desktop security with Credential Guard
Credential Guard is a groundbreaking security feature from Microsoft designed to protect your domain credentials from credential theft attacks. XenApp and XenDesktop is the only enterprise app and desktop virtualization platform (other than Microsoft) to support the security enhancements of Credential Guard for Windows 10 and Server 2016 virtual machines. Previously, we enabled support for Microsoft Secure Boot. Our support for Credential Guard and Secure Boot highlight our commitment to secure delivery of virtual apps and desktops.

Securely launch existing apps and browsers on Windows 10 SMicrosoft recently unveiled Windows 10 S as a new Operating System specifically designed for security and performance. It restricts access to apps in the Windows Store that have been Microsoft-verified for security and only including the newer, safer Edge web browser. Now, Citrix is delivering secure access to your existing line-of-business apps with our new Citrix Receiver for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). With Citrix Receiver for UWP, you can securely launch your business critical application on Windows 10 S devices, improving security and user productivity. Additionally, Citrix Receiver for UWP works with all Windows 10 platforms, including PC, phones, tablets, and Surface Hub. Check out our blog on Windows 10 S

Uncover application security risks and accelerate application compliance
XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14 introduces new AppDNA application compatibility and security reporting analysis. AppDNA delivers valuable security analysis reporting to simplify application FIPS compliance and highlights when an application is not compatible with Windows 10 Credential Guard. AppDNA also now identifies application security risks such as an application authentication using older NTLM authentication technology, which can increase the risk of exposure. Learn more about automation security analysis with AppDNA.

Fault-tolerant Session Recording architecture
Session Recording, available with Platinum editions, is one of the most effective and scalable ways to promote proper user behavior. Session Recording enables you to visually monitor user activity, maintain security and maximize productivity. By load balancing Session Recording servers, customers with regulatory needs ensure compliancy during maintenance and promote consistency in the event of an individual server failure.

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Customers active on Citrix Success Services, Software Maintenance, or Subscription Advantage as of May 23, 2017 can download XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14 today!

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