Building a digital workplace to drive innovation and enable the power of diversity

Every day at Citrix, we celebrate a healthy mix of perspectives and welcome new ways of doing things. We partner internally and externally to achieve the impossible, making the future workplace a reality faster with global strategic partnerships with world leaders, such as Fujitsu.

To me, diversity is about leveraging the power of human difference for good. This injects energy and innovation into our shared culture, driving together to enable the extraordinary. Technology however, lays at the heart of an organization’s ability to thrive, according to 73% of 1,200 IT decision makers surveyed by Fujitsu, and 71% agree that they have to innovate faster in order to remain relevant.

Digital disruption is having a profound impact and companies need to establish connected digital workplaces that empower people to accomplish their goals and embrace a growing diverse workforce. New exciting possibilities are getting every closer with IoT, but you need to know how to make the most of them.

At Citrix Synergy 2017, during the vision Keynote hosted by Citrix President and CEO, Kirill Tatarinov, Fujitsu’s Head of Digital Workplace Services, Karyn Jeffrey, will focus on the evolution of the digital workplace, with sound strategic advice on how to balance productivity and security, while simultaneously unleashing innovation and leveraging cutting edge technology, profiling one of the worlds most important utilities providers, Nakilat.

Together, Fujitsu and Citrix share a strategic partnership with Microsoft and have a community of professionals that makes it easy for companies and service providers to roll out Office 365 and Windows 10 securely and quickly, providing a secure platform for mobile apps, and cloud expansion on demand running on the Azure cloud service. Organizations can benefit from the most secure, unified communications solutions made possible through the extensive collaboration among these three leaders. The advances made by this collaboration will be available to understand at Synergy.

Bringing together mobility, analytics, cloud, and social technologies and harnessing their potential can really boost business performance, but it requires a clear strategy and a lot of collaboration. There are enormous benefits to joining a business ecosystem, where expertise is shared, platforms are securely integrated, and customers can simply pick and choose the applications and services they need.

Trying to build out your own infrastructure is like trying to reinvent the wheel, and taking on a complex systems integration project can be hugely expensive and disruptive. It simply doesn’t make sense when you can scale instantly, only pay for what you use, and focus on adding value with creativity and innovation.

Fully embracing the future of the workplace is about enabling digital workers with personalized productivity apps in the cloud, collaboration from any device or location, and simplified, automated business processes.

Starting from a secure, reliable, and consistent foundation gives your business the best chance of success and enables you to accelerate into new opportunities. Ultimately, it’s about building bridges and forming new connections through strategic partnerships that empower organizations to realize their vision.

Citrix and Fujitsu welcome you to experience how we make a difference at Citrix Synergy 2017.