A few months back, an article titled, “Why Customer Success is the new Sales,” appeared on my LinkedIn feed and it was after reading this article that I really understood the value of “Customer Success.”

This post will focus on the differences between the SaaS model vs. the traditional perpetual model. There are a lot of pros that go along with SaaS from a setup, management, and cost perspective. At the same time, there are no long contracts or tie-ins, and there really isn’t such a thing as shelfware. Customers can leave as quickly as they come!

In a perpetual model, a customer is paying a large amount up front for a set number of licenses regardless of how much they use, whereas in the SaaS model, they are paying as they go (so to speak), so if the software is not being used, the customer is unlikely to renew.

This is where I’m eager to announce that, as of today, our Adoption Services team will be working with XenMobile Service customers to quote their motto, “help customers achieve value through rapid end useradoption of their Citrix Cloud solutions.”

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what this actually means…

Essentially, Customer Success Managers work with each customer post-purchase to assist them with the following key areas:

  • Identify use cases
  • Build success plan
  • Develop rollout schedule
  • Communication plan
  • Training plan
  • Business review
  • Expansion plan


The Adoption Services team are not new to this and have been a crucial player in our ShareFile Product line and their success for a long time and more recently also started working with our XenApp/XenDesktop Service in Citrix Cloud.

To quote one of our customers:

One of the great things about the Customer success team is that they’ve been through this many times, and they’ve seen many different organizations and how long it takes to actually get an implementation completed. We couldn’t have done this nearly as well or as efficiently without this team.

I’m really excited for the Adoption Services team to join us at XenMobile, as we continually look to improve all aspects of our service!

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