Microsoft Azure continues to make inroads with the enterprise as they migrate workloads to the cloud. Similarly, Citrix continues to make it easier for our customers to take their NetScaler deployments with them to the cloud.

Increased performance on Azure.

NetScaler VPX on Azure now supports up to 3 Gbps — almost three times the capacity of previously supported models. We’ve increased the number of vCPUs (up to 12) that are supported in Azure to enable higher L7 performance and throughput.

Support for multi-NIC/IPs.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is in line with Microsoft Azure’s support for multiple IP addresses per NIC. NetScaler VPX can now support for multiple IP addresses on either single or multiple NICs; increasing instance scalability to support broader workloads in the cloud.

Video: Deploying NetScaler VPX on Azure

Multi-region support.

Lastly, global server load balancing (GSLB) is now supported on Azure. This will allow you to enable active failover or load sharing across multiple Azure regions, and even your on-premise data center. This capability becomes especially critical as the enterprise begins capitalizing on its hybrid cloud strategy to account for unplanned outages.

Video: Configuring GSLB on NetScaler VPX on Azure

Citrix and Microsoft continue to strengthen their partnership for the cloud-ready enterprise, making NetScaler on Azure a viable alternative to deploying hardware on-premise.

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