Choosing the right platform and edition options

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High-performance hardware appliances  

NetScaler MPX

Hardware-based app delivery appliances
Performance: 500 Mbps–160 Gbps

Best for

  • Managing web applications with multiple gigabits of traffic
  • Load balancing for small enterprises
  • Ultra high performance web application security
  • Flex tenancy

Data sheet | FIPS Platforms Datasheet

NetScaler SDX

Hardware-based appliances with advanced virtualization to consolidate up to 115 independently-managed NetScaler instances
Performance: Up to 160 Gbps

Best for

  • Supporting data center consolidation
  • Providing multi-tenancy the right way
  • Maintaining tenant isolation without compromise
  • Enabling cloud data center build-outs

Data sheet| FIPS Platforms Datasheet

Flexible, software-based appliances

NetScaler VPX

Software-based virtual appliances that run on widely deployed hypervisors
Performance: 10 Mbps–100 Gbps

Best for

  • Architecting private/public cloud infrastructures
  • Utilizing NetScaler within non-production environments
  • Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructures
  • Attractive application delivery options for telco, enterprises and small businesses

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NetScaler CPX

Docker containerized load balancer that can be supported on-premise and in multi-cloud environments

Best for

  • Supporting containerized applications 
  • Migrating to a microservices architecture 
  • Providing developers and DevOps teams with load balancing early in the app development cycle

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In the cloud

Full suite of NetScaler capabilities in a hybrid cloud environment for development, testing, and production delivery.

NetScaler on AWS


  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud
  • AWS Elastic Block Storage
  • EC2 instance with minimum of 2 Virtual Cores, 2 GB RAM
  • Available via AWS Marketplace or with Bring Your Own License

NetScaler on Microsoft Azure


  • Requires A2 Standard instance with 2 cores and 3.5 GB RAM, or A3 Standard instance with 4 cores and 7 GB RAM
  • Available via Azure Marketplace with Bring Your Own License

NetScaler on SoftLayer

NetScaler VPX and MPX models are available on SoftLayer.  To get started, please log in to your
SoftLayer account and follow the steps outlined in the
following video.

NetScaler editions  

Standard Edition

Delivers reliable application availability, comprehensive L4-7 load balancing, robust performance optimization features, and secure remote access.

Enterprise Edition

Adds advanced traffic management, clustering support, stronger security features, extended optimizations, SSO, and more.

Platinum Edition

Encompasses powerful security features, expanded application acceleration capabilities, and enhanced management and visibility resources.

Feature Platinum
Application availability
L4 load balancing and L7 content switching    
Microsoft SQL, MYSQL    
AppExpert rate controls    
IPv6 support    
Traffic domains    
Subscriber-aware traffic steering    
Global server load balancing (GSLB)    
Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT)      
Dynamic routing protocols      
Surge protection and priority queuing      
TriScale Clustering      
Application acceleration
Client and server TCP optimizations    
Application security
L4 DoS defenses    
L7 DoS defenses    
L7 rewrite and responder    
XenMobile NetScaler connector      
AAA for traffic management      
NetScaler AppFirewall with XML security      
IP Reputation      
nFactor authentication    
NetScaler Cloud connector        
Front-end optimization*
Content layout      
Domain sharding      
Image optimization      
Style sheets and JavaScript optimization      
TCP Protocol optimization
Multi-path TCP    
BIC and cubic TCP    

* An AppCache license is required for several front-end optimization features

Feature Platinum
Simple managebility
NetScaler Insight Center-Web Insight    
NetScaler Insight Center-HDX Insight**      
AppExpert visual policy builder    
AppExpert service callouts, templates and visualizers    
Role-based administration and AAA for administration    
Configuration wizards    
Native Citrix web interface    
Comtrade Management Pack for NetScaler        
Citrix command center    
Unified Gateway
Federated Identity      
One URL/SSO using SAML 2.0      
Centralized Policy Management (SmartControl)      
Stateless RDP proxy    
Cluster for IC A proxy (Striped)      
Monitoring of XenApp/XenDesktop traffic (Real time)      
Monitoring of XenApp/XenDesktop traffic (Historical)        
Monitoring of Gateway traffic (Real time)      
Monitoring of Gateway traffic (Historical)        
NetScaler Gateway
Broad client support for plugins
Customizable web portal
SSL VPN remote access
IC A proxy to XenApp and XenDesktop  
Contextual policies for XenApp/XenDesktop (Smart Access)
End Point Analysis
Secure browser-only access (CVPN)
Integration with StoreFront  

Standard  Option

* Starting 11.1, Universal license is required on top of NetScaler (Enterprise, Standard) or a Gateway (AGEE) license. NetScaler Platinum edition does not have any Universal License requirements.

** Platinum Edition license is required for historical analy tical data. Enterprise Edition only provides real-time data.

New in the latest release

Featured blog: NetScaler VPX hits a new 100 Gbps high!

You read that correctly. 100 gigabits per second. Fully virtualized. Full-function. Full-featured ADC (Application Delivery Controller). Running our standard unmodified performance benchmark. I could go off here on certain vendors’ love for tuning benchmarks, instead of products, to meet performance bars. But let me save that for another day.

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New in release 11

  • Enhanced SSL Profile capabilities and settings
  • Support for FTP load balancing in admin partitions
  • Support for configuring a proxy server to install licenses

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