In July of last year, we launched our XenMobile Analyzer Service to assist administrators with troubleshooting and diagnosing enrollment and authentication issues in their XenMobile environment. As this was built as a Cloud Service, we’ve been able to deliver additional checks every 3 weeks adding more and more value to the tool.

Since launch, the tool has been run over 30000 times and against 1300+ unique sites and has been a major hit with our customers in troubleshooting their XenMobile environments.

To date, it’s required a customer navigate to the tool and manually run a check against their deployment to diagnose an issue. This is very much a reactive approach, so what if a customer could proactively be made aware that there was a problem with their environment?

With our latest release, which is now live, I’m excited to announce the first phase of our scheduled health check feature. This allows customers to schedule a run in XenMobile Analyzer on a weekly or daily basis. Once you’ve created a test, it’s very easy to add a recurring schedule from the nav bar. You simply then enter your credentials and select the schedule timeframe:




Right now, results are email-based and you’ll receive an email from confirming that the schedule has been added and then another at the time the test is executed per the schedule. Going forward, we plan to also add the run results and the history inside XenMobile Analyzer.

A couple of other things to note as of now that we intend to add in future updates of the XenMobile Analyzer Service are:

  1. Support for dynamic auth types (pins, tokens, passcodes). Today the schedule is only supported for domain only, cert only and domain + cert auth types
  2. Support for hourly runs

As always, we appreciate any feedback you have on the tool so please do use the “Feedback” link on the XenMobile Analyzer Home Page for any additional requests or issues you have!