In 2016 we had four Current Releases (CRs) of XenApp and XenDesktop (one per quarter) introducing a number of innovative capabilities and enhancements. Now we’re kicking off 2017 with the introduction of XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13.

XenApp & XenDesktop 7.13 extends the capabilities of our industry-leading HDX user experience technology while also simplifying the administrative experience.

This release marks a major milestone with significant enhancements to HDX. With new Adaptive Transport Technology, users benefit from faster, more responsive sessions across all functions by up to 10x — even over challenging network conditions. Furthermore, overall bandwidth consumption is reduced by up to 60% using the default graphics settings. Performance and scalability is improved when running on Intel graphics platforms and expanded USB tablet integration opens up new possibilities. Admins benefit with simplified setup of NetScaler Gateway, quick identification of inactive sessions and expanded Linux support.

Best possible user experience regardless of device, network or location

Deliver high-performance, adaptive user sessions that are up to 10x faster

Previously available as a preview, the new HDX Adaptive Transport Technology is now generally available. It’s a game-changing innovation designed to provide users with the best possible experience regardless of network conditions, LAN, or a high-latency WAN. Performance improvements are realized across all virtual channels including up to 10x faster file transfers, 5x faster print times, and 2x more session responsiveness with improved audio and video. Adaptive Transport leverages a new Citrix protocol, Enlightened Data Transport (EDT), that automatically adapts to changing user conditions making the industry-leading user experience even better while minimizing the required administrative configuration.

Reduce session bandwidth consumption by up to 60%

Our engineering team gave you a sneak peek, and now it’s here; graphics efficiency in the HDX Thinwire remoting technology has been drastically improved cutting bandwidth consumption costs while enabling more users on existing network links and improving overall server scalability. Simply move to 7.13 and the benefits are enabled by default — no policy configuration required. In addition, these impressive improvements are available for both new and existing Receiver versions with no requirement to upgrade.

Optimize VM performance while reducing streaming bandwidth

XenServer 7.1, along with Provisioning Services 7.13 and XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13, now allows caching of streamed VM data on hypervisor hosts. This cache improves VM performance with up to 25% faster boot times, especially in large environments. It also reduces network consumption and conserves resources on the PVS servers by over 90%.

High-end professional graphics for VDI with AMD GPUs

Serve up high-performance VDI desktops powered by AMD GPUs. With Citrix HDX 3D Pro and AMD GPU integration, Citrix is offering impressive performance at an attractive price point. Ideal for designers and engineers working on complex models and simulations or graphical web-based applications, data is kept secure in the data center while users have a highly responsive experience on the device of their choice.

Improved performance and scalability with Intel Iris Pro Graphics

Offload CPU-intensive H.264 encoding to the Intel Iris Pro graphics hardware to improve performance and extend environment capacity. Ideally paired with Citrix selective H.264 graphics setting, users benefit with smoother video playback while admins realize improved server scalability and user density on the existing hardware.

Deliver seamless published Linux applications to users on any device

Now admins can publish Linux applications and deliver them in a seamless, integrated manner to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android endpoint devices. The Linux platform offers organizations choice, flexibility, and cost-savings for application delivery and, now, XenApp enables a high-performance access experience to seamless Linux apps from anywhere.

Extended support for specialty drawing tablets in XenApp

USB device support has been further expanded within XenApp sessions. Now drawing tablets that make use of mouse functions, like signature captures, can be integrated with XenApp sessions as well as previously available XenDesktop VDI sessions. By using XenApp servers this helps conserving environment resources and saving money.

Administrative experience that’s easy to setup, configure and maintain

Simplified single sign-on integration directly from StoreFront

Simplify the authentication experience by enabling single sign-on access to StoreFront from any identity provider, including various Microsoft and 3rd party identity providers. Single sign-on SAML authentication to StoreFront is ideal for internal access scenarios as well as for external StoreFront instances with Citrix Cloud.

Optimize environment usage by minimizing inactive sessions

Published applications that are running, but not actively used — whether just idling or hung — consume environment resources and licenses. Minimize the number of application sessions in this state by easily identifying them in Citrix Director and taking action to logoff or disconnect thereby releasing resources. This is particularly relevant to industries such as healthcare where anonymous sessions are commonly used across shifts and unused sessions in an inactive state need to be minimized to ensure adequate license availability.

Streamlined setup of multiple NetScaler Gateway deployments

Save time and reduce the possibility of configuration errors in a multi-NetScaler Gateway environment.  Once the cumulative NetScaler Gateways are configured, easily export the details to a file and import it directly within StoreFront. This simplifies the administrative hand-off between the networking team who typically manages the NetScaler and the app delivery team who manages StoreFront.

Reduce network and infrastructure impact with improved VDA registration

All VDA machines that users connect to, both servers and desktops, need to register with the delivery controllers upon initial startup and reboot to establish themselves as available for connections. Additionally, there is periodic communication that takes place between VDAs and controllers during events such as user logons. The registration and communication processes have been optimized to minimize infrastructure impact – especially when large numbers of VDAs are registering at the same time, such as at shift changes, as well as for hybrid environments with VDAs in the cloud and on-premises delivery controllers.

Provisioning Services now handling Linux server VDAs

Provisioning Services is now available for streaming Linux servers. Simplify Linux image management and meet scalability needs by easily and quickly provisioning hundreds of Linux server machines based on a common image file. As with all Provisioning Services images, the lifecycle can be managed as required over time, providing optimal flexibility.

All XenServer features now available for all XenApp and XenDesktop customers

As a XenApp or XenDesktop customer, you are now entitled to all features of the latest XenServer 7.1 Enterprise release. XenServer 7.1 is also our first-ever Long Term Service Release giving you up to 5 years mainstream and 5 years of extended support in alignment with the next upcoming XenApp and XenDesktop release. Experience for yourself why XenServer is the best platform to run your app and desktop delivery workloads while eliminating the high “vTax” cost.

Keep up-to-date with Smart Tools

All XenApp and XenDesktop customers have access to Smart Tools, including the latest service, Smart Check. Smart Check will proactively diagnose and repair issues before they impact end-users. Newly added checks support Long Term Service Release (LTSR) compliance.  XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum customers have access to Smart Scale to help reduce the cost of deployments on public clouds. New in this release is support for XenApp Essentials.  Smart Tools are available at

New high-availability options for Session Recording deployments (Platinum only)

Maximize uptime of Session Recording deployments with new database high-availability options. SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups, as well as database mirroring, are now available along with the ability to configure the database name as required within organizational guidelines.

Save time when analyzing applications for compatibility and interoperability (Platinum only)

AppDNA now has specific performance improvements for operating system and application imports that help ensure admins realize a quicker time-to-value in understanding their application portfolio and the best strategy to move forward. Additionally, AppDNA is now a 64-bit application which, offers overall improved performance.

Greater scalability and new language options for the SCOM Management Packs (Platinum only)

The SCOM Management Pack for XenApp and XenDesktop, part of the overall SCOM Pack offerings, provides comprehensive monitoring and visibility into the entire delivery infrastructure. The tested scalability for total number of VDAs per environment is up to 25,000. The offering is also available now in several languages including Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

…and one more thing, Citrix acquires Unidesk

Citrix recently announced the acquisition of Unidesk, the inventor of the groundbreaking Windows application packaging and management technology known as layering. Application layering has emerged as the best way to separate apps from the underlying operating system, so they can be managed once and delivered from any end user computing solution to any device. Citrix is actively working to make Unidesk layering technology available in the future to XenApp and XenDesktop customers, so stay tuned for updates…

Get started with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 today!

Tangible user and administrative experience benefits that you can immediately leverage, performance and scalability improvements, and much more all leading to reduced CapEx and OpEx – that’s XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13. Try it for yourself today and start realizing the value. For customers active on Citrix Success Services, Software Maintenance, or Subscription Advantage as of February 15, 2017, we encourage you to download XenApp and XenDesktop 7.13 today! Easily upgrade directly from a previous 7.x version or migrate from XenApp 6.5 or VMware Horizon with the assistance of Citrix Smart Tools.