We are pleased to feature ControlUp in our partner pavilion at HIMSS 2017. Do walk up to our booth to find out how they are enabling digital transformation in healthcare by modernizing systems, improving application accessibility and enhancing clinician productivity and mobility.

The basic charter of any healthcare institution remains offering optimal patient care and we are helping these institutions enhance their objective using technology. Citrix Ready solutions for the healthcare vertical help empower clinicians by providing seamless, instant and secure access to patient information and hence optimize patient care. In addition, through our partner solutions, users get anytime, anywhere access to data, simplified app delivery and mobility of IT without compromising data security and compliance.


We are proud to host ControlUp at our pavilion! Here’s what they’d be showcasing at the booth.

  • One simple console to manage and control your virtual servers and desktops.
  • IT insights come to you – Automated reports easily give you the knowledge to preempt errors before they become major issues.
  • Increase end user satisfaction continuously. Monitor, tune and benchmark your end users’ experience.

ControlUp and Citrix, better together

Performance Visibility: Bird’s-eye view of your virtual environment, from the hypervisor down to individual processes, lets you monitor your farm all in one console. With powerful data exploration and visualization in an actionable dashboard, you can easily and proactively detect and troubleshoot issues in real-time and within context.

IT Insights: Automated reports show you the health of your virtual environment, with a comparison to other companies and recommendations on how to optimize. Proactively apply best practices and crowd wisdom to resolve issues and mitigate risk in line with industry standards.

End-user Experience: The satisfaction of your end-users directly correlates to the performance of your VDI environment. With the ability to measure logon and application load time you will get the metrics you need to analyze end user experience and create reports to better understand user behavio

Incident Triggers & Alerts: Set specific, custom defined incidents in a few simple steps, then decide on the incident trigger thresholds. Once the thresholds are crossed you are notified immediately by email alert and/or mobile push notification alerts via the ControlUp Mobile App. Incidents will also be automatically logged in a central database for historical analysis.

Proactive Management: Robust management capabilities allow you to remote into any session, communicate with end users and troubleshoot in real time. Use built in scripts and controllers to take action immediately on any number of managed objects simultaneously.

At the Citrix Ready Pavilion:

See for yourself how ControlUp can make a huge difference for your organization, bringing order, visibility and control to your Citrix farm. Regardless of how diverse and scattered your organization is, ControlUp can show you everything in one single management console with powerful drill down capabilities, lightning-fast root cause analysis and remediation, an array of management actions to proactively fix problems before they escalate into crisis, and comprehensive reports and alerts. The no-nonsense, hit the ground running product will show you results quickly and effectively, at a competitive price that won’t break the bank.

We will also be showcasing a key customer story around our joint solution, at the Citrix Theater. ControlUp is scheduled to present a joint customer story on Monday, Feb 20 at 5:30 pm in the Citrix Theater (booth 2623).

Do check out our microsite to learn more. And, don’t forget to meet us at booth 2914!