The upgrade process for XenMobile 9 to XenMobile 10 was, to say the least, cumbersome. First, the upgrade tool was applied to upgrade from XenMobile 9 to XenMobile 10.1. After that, the intermediate upgrades were needed to upgrade from XenMobile 10.1 to XenMobile 10.4. With this integration of upgrade tool into XenMobile 10.4 server, the upgrade process is drastically simplified and XenMobile 9 can be directly upgraded to XenMobile 10.4. Please check out XenMobile 10.4 upgrade for details. In addition to simplification, there are a couple of advantages that come with this integration.

  1. The integrated tool includes the fix for upgrade tool bugs that were discovered after previous upgrade tool release. Please refer to fixed upgrade tool issues for details.
  2. The integrated tool brings up system directly to XenMobile 10.4 which has the latest XenMobile server fix. Please refer to fixed server issues for details.

Take full advantage of direct upgrade from XenMobile 9 to XenMobile 10.

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