They say “Single Sign-On for cloud apps requires user identity to move to cloud.” But is it the only way?

Moving user identity to the cloud is concerning for a lot of customers. The fewer gates there are to open or close, the tighter the security will be. Keeping it simple allows for consistent security policies and a much better end user experience.

Join us for a free one-hour webinar with Akhilesh Dhawan — one of our most knowledgeable Unified Gateway Product Marketing Executives — where he’ll give you tips to simplify your IT, and improve productivity and performance of your organization’s apps. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the challenges of remote access, the NetScaler Unified Gateway benefits, and its role for enhanced application delivery and security.

Users now want to use devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access apps from any location. With these growing changes, demands and expectations, IT is facing high security concerns as users need a different remote access solution for each of the different application types.

For organizations, the stakes are pretty high too. Applications are evolving at a faster rate than ever and so are the technologies that deliver these applications. Different application types can prevent you from meeting the demands of end users. You need a consolidated solution to deliver all the apps on any device and that provides a single pane for monitoring and visibility across all the apps.

Learn about the most comprehensive secure access solution in the market today! You will see first hand how to consolidate remote access infrastructure, enabling you to reduce cost of ownership and provide a consistent and better user experience.


To learn more about enforcing multiple levels of authentication and improving the security of your confidential data that reduces your cost of ownership for remote access infrastructure and data center consolidation, register for the webinar Achieve Single Sign-On and Unify Secure Access for all Apps.


“Achieve Single Sign-On and Unify Secure Access for all Apps”
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February 2, 2017
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We look forward to providing you with information on how you can enable an always-connected, federated access and single sign-on, across all applications, from any location in a single gateway portal with full security and control. Feel free to put questions in the comments below, as well!

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