NetScaler Unified Gateway and Microsoft EMS Provide Conditional Access for Mobile Users

As most of you are aware, last year we announced new product initiatives as part of our ongoing partnership with Microsoft.

Today, we’re unveiling the integration of NetScaler Unified Gateway with Microsoft EMS. Together, Citrix and Microsoft joined forces to deliver to our customers a solution that offers conditional access for mobile users.  Conditional access delivers an added level of security for mobile users which helps customers protect their on-premise resources

Solution Overview

Microsoft Enterprise Mobile + Security (EMS) is designed to help manage and protect users, devices, apps, and data in a mobile-first and cloud-first world.

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway provides secure access and single sign-on across all applications.

Together, our solution allows IT administrators to define access control policies based on the state of the end user mobile device. These policies will check each end-user mobile device before a user session is established to determine whether the device is enrolled with Microsoft Intune and is compliant with the security policies set by an organization and — only then — grant or deny access accordingly. Below is a diagram of how this solution works.


Key customer benefits of the solution include:

  • Cost-effective: By using NetScaler Unified Gateway, there is no per-user license for creating an SSL VPN tunnel. While other vendor solutions charge a per-user license fees on top of appliance and software costs, we do not and we help customers save costs by eliminating per-user license fees.
  • Conditional Access: The solution provides an added level of security, as IT admins can now define access control policies to on-premises resources like MS Exchange, SharePoint, or any other application based on the state of end user mobile device. In order for a mobile device to get access to on-premises resources, it must be enrolled with Microsoft Intune
  • Improved End User Device Security: In addition to conditional access to corporate resources based on whether devices are enrolled with Microsoft Intune, this solution provides more granular security. It can provide deep scans of mobile devices for risk factors, such as a jailbroken/rooted state, outdated antivirus signatures, or installed malware and also take actions based on the result. This capability ensures Microsoft Intune enrolled mobile devices are secure and centrally managed.

Additionally, NetScaler Unified Gateway delivers a policy-based nFactor Authentication framework. Admins can choose any mechanism, such as RADIUS, Kerberos, etc. for authenticating end users. These mechanisms can be selected based on who the user is, role of the user, location of the user, state of the end user device, etc.

  • Better User Experience: Through the solution, policies and configuration can be pushed on the mobile devices by admins which eliminates the need for manual configuration by end users. The solution supports both iOS and Android devices with no difference in the UI for a better and consistent user experience.
  • End to End Visibility: NetScaler Unified Gateway, with Gateway Insight, provides complete end to end visibility and monitoring of any user access related issues to on-premises applications and allows faster resolution of these issues.

Citrix NetScaler Unified Gateway provides remote access and single sign-on for all applications. By integrating with Microsoft EMS, NetScaler adds another feather in its cap on the applications it supports out of the box. Customers using NetScaler or NetScaler Unified Gateway for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or for single sign-on to all applications in datacenter or cloud can also use it to  support  MDM functionality with Microsoft EMS.

Customers using NetScaler Gateway for Citrix XenApp and/or XenApp should look at NetScaler Unified Gateway if they plan on using Microsoft EMS. NetScaler Unified Gateway will help them consolidate their remote access/gateway infrastructure and provides a single solution to provide secure access to all applications.

How do I order NetScaler Unified Gateway?

Please visit our website for more information.

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