Migration to the cloud is an integral part of any digital transformation. In fact, there’s research that suggests by 2021, 94 percent of all workloads will run in some form of cloud environment. Even on-premises workloads will run in a virtualized environment.

How is your organization’s transition plan shaping up, and how do you plan to keep your users productive and happy?

Citrix SD-WAN 11.0: App Experience, Security, and Cloud Choice Meet Automation

Citrix SD-WAN 11.0 is coming soon with many innovations that simplify WAN and ease the migration to cloud services, with automation and security at the forefront.

What’s New with Citrix SD-WAN for Microsoft

You’ll be able to extend your network to Microsoft Azure faster with automated provisioning of Citrix SD-WAN VPX (virtual SD-WAN instance), including:

  • One-click provisioning of resources within your existing or new VNet (virtual network)
  • Automation of virtual path setup through communication with the MCN

What’s New with Citrix SD-WAN for Palo Alto Networks

Because Citrix SD-WAN provides the ability to route traffic from the branch to the internet via Palo Alto Prisma Access, there’s no longer the need to deploy and maintain firewalls at each branch. Below, is the integrated configuration in the SD-WAN orchestration tool.

In addition, we will be introducing the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation firewall as a VNF on the Citrix SD-WAN 1100 appliance. This offers a best-in-breed option for current Palo Alto Networks customers or companies with SecOps.

Google Cloud Platform Marketplace Availability

Citrix SD-WAN now extends enterprise networks to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Available soon on the GCP Marketplace, you can deploy a VPX in an IaaS or PaaS cloud along with a Citrix SD-WAN appliance on premises. Below, you can see the virtual instances connected in the Google Compute Engine.

With the Citrix SD-WAN virtual appliance, you can easily and reliably connect branches to GCP and:

  • Deliver an optimal application experience to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on GCP through integration with HDX, which uses the ICA protocol.
  • Provide exceptional performance to applications running on GCP, including G Suite, with deep packet inspection, QoS, and link bonding.
  • Quickly set up high-availability connections to Google Cloud virtual private clouds and manage the entire network from the Citrix orchestration service.

HDX Reporting Enhancements

You won’t need ADC Gateway for new reports based on user name, desktop name, or an HDX user’s traffic. You’ll be able to see individual Citrix sessions, client IP, ICA RTT, WAN latency, L4 connection state, and published apps by user. Below, you can see virtual application information by user.

You can download the latest Citrix SD-WAN release soon, and learn more about Citrix SD-WAN at citrix.com/sd-wan.