Automation is a beautiful thing. It can lighten the load for IT administrators, improve accuracy, speed, and precision, and even reduce costs.

Automation capabilities such as the Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) autoscaling feature expand the benefits of deploying Citrix ADC in a public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Autoscaling is a cloud computing technology that automatically adds or removes resources depending upon actual usage. For instance, a government public safety website that experiences major spikes in traffic during emergencies or disasters can benefit from autoscaling. Likewise, a business such as a resort with web activity that fluctuates by season.

Instead of requiring customers to add/delete Citrix ADC instances (VPX virtual appliances) and IP addresses, Citrix ADM continually monitors predetermined threshold parameters such as memory usage, CPU usage, traffic, and throughput. When usage exceeds these thresholds, the system dynamically scales up Citrix ADC instances. When usage dips below the thresholds, autoscaling reduces the number of instances accordingly.

Autoscaling of Citrix ADC in AWS and Azure can deliver measurable benefits:

  • High application availability
  • Fast response
  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Cost control

Ask the Cloud Experts About Autoscaling in AWS

The next Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) monthly meetup, on Wednesday, June 19, will focus on autoscaling of Citrix ADC instances in AWS. Our presenter will discuss:

  • Citrix ADM architecture
  • Configuring parameters for autoscaling
  • Benefits including cost control, high app availability, and automated management
  • Leading practices for running Citrix ADC on AWS

Following this short presentation, a panel of Citrix engineers, architects, and other technical experts will share their insights and experience in response to your questions. This live Q&A period is the core of each ACE meetup. It’s a great forum for asking your questions and finding out the hot-button concerns of other participants.

You can register now, and you can submit questions in advance using this form.

Meet Our Experts for the June ACE

  • Presenter Jay Chandrasekar is a senior enterprise architect from Citrix Professional Services specializing in ADC architecture solutions.
  • Panelist Arvind Kandula is principal product manager for Citrix ADC in the AWS public cloud and VMware/OpenStack/Cisco ACI private clouds, as well as Citrix ADC automation.
  • Panelist Hariharan Subramanian is a product manager specializing in Citrix ADC in the Azure public cloud, Azure Stack, and Citrix ADC FIPS.
  • Panelist David Amely is a sales engineer (SE) with over 16 years of professional experience in the information technology sector who specializes in network architecture and security.

Increase the Positive Effects of Cloud Elasticity

Businesses are moving to the cloud for easier, smoother scalability. Autoscaling increases the positive effects of cloud elasticity to make your organization even more nimble.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get live answers to your pressing cloud questions from the Citrix Cloud team. Register for the June ACE meetup today.