Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) Monthly Meetup for Cloud Q&A
Nov 20 2019

Nov 20, 2019 | 10:00 AM EDT

Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE)

Monthly Meetup for Cloud Q&A

Don’t miss your monthly update on Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud technology is changing fast and there’s always something new to discover. That’s why our ACE meetups are structured as an ongoing series. By participating each month, you can get a quick update, learn something new, get answers to your questions from our experts, and hear what other IT professionals have to say about cloud.  

Attending each ACE meetup will expand your cloud knowledge and keep you up-to-date on hot topics, new technologies, and cool features.

Two ways to manage images

November’s presentation will cover image management using Machine Creation Services and Citrix Provisioning. In a nutshell:

  • Machine Creation Services builds clones from a master image to provision multiple virtual desktops.
  • Citrix Provisioning streams a single shared disk image to multiple individual machines rather than copying images to them.

Our presenter will be Diego Acuña, Customer Success Engineer. He’ll discuss considerations for using Machine Creation Services and Citrix Provisioning – the differences between them, when to choose one or the other, and leading practices for each. Diego will also talk about upcoming improvements to the user experience and licensing arrangements for Citrix Provisioning.

Ask the panelists

Our meetups always devote plenty of time to a live Q&A with our panel of experts. Feel free to ask about any cloud issue or topic, even if it doesn’t pertain to the presentation. We encourage you to submit your questions in advance, using this form.


  • Mayank Korpaul, Customer Success Manager
  • Mohamad EL-Safah, Senior Enterprise Architect
  • Jose Gonzalez, Escalation Engineer

We invite you to join us for every monthly meetup on cloud topics. 

Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) monthly meetup
Our Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) meetup is a twist on our traditional webinar series that maximizes time for your questions, live!  After a short presentation by a subject matter expert on a popular cloud topic, we open up the discussion to real-time Q&A by a panel of engineers, architects, and other technical gurus.

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Customer Success Services
Citrix Customer Success Management provides the tools, resources, project guidance, and support you need to maximize the value of your investment in Citrix Cloud services. Our experts, including Cloud Success Managers, help you plan, implement, and expand your cloud workspace. The ACE meetup series is part of our efforts to increase your cloud knowledge and enable your success. 

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