Verizon Wireless has joined AT&T and a long list of mobile carriers that support Citrix’s SD-WAN solutions with integrated LTE, enabling you to easily leverage wireless broadband with confidence.

4G/LTE is a viable connectivity option with SD-WAN because it has become readily available, is inexpensive, and can offer impressive bandwidth speeds. Often organizations have remote sites in rural areas where there are not many connectivity options.

One of the unique capabilities of Citrix SD-WAN is that it allows you to choose LTE as either a backup or primary link option. Combined with the flexibility of our other last-mile choices — DS-1/T-1 (native by the way), DSL, cable, satellite — and proven sub-second link failover, Citrix SD-WAN is designed to keep your network and its applications always-on.

Why Does Built-in 4G/LTE Matter?

External, USB- or ethernet-based modems can provide cellular failover. But they were often built for intermittent use and don’t come with the enterprise-grade reliability that many organizations require. These solutions are highly dependent on strong signal strength because of their embedded antennas. Offerings with dongles may not support a second modem, which means they lack enterprise-grade wireless failover and don’t support the use of multiple carriers.

On the other hand, embedded modems mean you can make 4G/LTE the primary or backup path and use multiple carriers, even both concurrently active. Failover is seamless, and you can manage it centrally. This improves flexibility as well as reliability without having multiple devices or consumer-grade connection modules.

Ready to Take Your SD-WAN Wireless?

The Citrix SD-WAN 210-LTE is now certified for operation on Verizon’s 4G/LTE network along with a host of others including AT&T and T-Mobile to give your network blazing-fast performance and rock-solid reliability. Deploy 4G/LTE for your SD-WAN today with confidence. Learn more here.