There are a lot of things about Citrix Synergy that I love. Sharing updates about our company and the great work our employees and our partners are doing. Connecting with customers. The spectacle of it all — thousands of people gathered to learn about and celebrate technology. And, of course, there are the product announcements.

It’s easy to think about these announcements as happening in a moment in time, news we’ll talk about today that signals the innovations, the advancements, the work that’s to come over the next quarter, the next six months, or the next year.

But our time horizon is longer. Much longer. And our Synergy announcements are best viewed as the next steps in our journey to enable the future of work.

I’m proud that we’ve made many of our announcements today in ongoing partnership with Microsoft. Our companies have been constant collaborators for three decades, and the course we’ve chartered over that time has positioned us, together, to empower the cloud-enabled, mobile workforce of the future.

Over the years, we’ve worked to build joint solutions that reduce IT costs and increase efficiency of deployments and data centers, improve end-user and admin experience with critical applications and infrastructure, expand mobile capabilities for enterprises, and enhance productivity.

These solutions matter. They shape the way millions of people work every day and will work in the future. I know the impact our partnership has had over the last 30 years, and that’s why I’m excited about our future and the following announcements:

Citrix Managed Desktops on Azure: This turnkey service will enable any organization with any level of IT expertise to quickly deliver an amazing Windows-based application and desktop experience to their workforce, securely from the cloud, to any device, anywhere, using the power of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Citrix Support for Windows Virtual Desktop: We’ll offer Day 1 support for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Virtual Desktop platform. Only Citrix offers true hybrid-cloud management of Windows Virtual Desktop hosted in Azure alongside on-premises or existing hybrid-cloud VDI deployments. Administrators will be able to manage environments from the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service and choose the best deployment based on user needs or data types. Windows Virtual Desktop is currently in public preview, and Citrix customers can start testing and validating the joint capabilities now.

HDX Optimization for Microsoft Teams: We’re delivering real-time optimization for Microsoft Teams in your virtual desktop infrastructure, an industry first. This will give you a fully native, fully featured Teams experience within Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, available in the coming weeks, and will include the optimization code for Teams VDI. To take advantage of that code, an upcoming Microsoft Teams version will need to be downloaded. And we’re integrating Citrix Workspace with Teams. Users will be able to take insights or activities from Workspace and share them easily in Teams, combining Workspace’s personal productivity experience with Teams’ collaboration tools.

Office 365 Optimization with Citrix SD-WAN: Organizations can use standard internet connections to seamlessly and securely connect Office 365 applications to the nearest Office 365 points of presence. Simplified branch office and remote user configuration will ensure reliable and high-performance workspace experiences regardless of user location, and IT admins will get added protection at the network and app layer from traffic entering remote locations directly.

SD-WAN for Windows Virtual Desktop: Citrix SD-WAN is the best way for organizations to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop as part of Citrix Workspace. You’ll get automated set up of your network, high-availability connections, exceptional experience for SaaS and virtual applications, security, and more.

SD-WAN for Citrix Managed Desktops: Quick and easy integration with SD-WAN technology will simplify network connectivity from your cloud-hosted desktops to your on-premises resources. This will help optimize your end users’ remote access experience with Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Citrix Supports Intune Device Compliance APIs: Citrix will integrate APIs for Intune that will enable Citrix Endpoint Management to push device-compliance status through Intune to Azure Active Directory, which can determine if the appropriate conditions are met for access. Citrix will be ready to integrate when the APIs become available.

Yes, these are product announcements. But what they’re really about is Microsoft and Citrix continuing our journey to deliver technologies that empower employees and shape the way we work. We’re excited about where we’ve been, where we are, and what’s to come.

We’ll have much more on these innovations in the coming weeks and months. And if you missed the opening keynote, you can catch up on these announcements and more on Synergy TV.

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