This is guest blog post by Anne Hecht, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, NVIDIA

Learn how healthcare and financial services industries use Citrix and NVIDIA GPU-powered virtualization to keep employees productive wherever they are.

The transition to the modern digital workspace and Windows 10 is an opportunity for enterprises to future-proof their investments while enjoying the benefits of enhanced employee mobility, increased data security, and streamlined IT management.

This week at Citrix Synergy 2019, NVIDIA will showcase how adding NVIDIA GRID® Virtual PC (GRID vPC) software and NVIDIA® GPUs to Citrix VDI environments enables IT to enhance and deliver powerful graphics performance for every user. Plus, for a limited time, it’s more affordable than ever to scale VDI with special pricing on GRID reference architecture bundles purchased through NVIDIA partners.

As the workplace becomes more visual, with increased use of video, web conferencing, multi-monitors, dynamic browsers, and 3D features in everyday apps, a CPU-only VDI can no longer meet the needs of today’s digital worker. Even Windows 10 is more graphics-intensive than Windows 7, requiring 50 percent more graphics usage. With NVIDIA GRID vPC, users get the GPU-accelerated power they need to tackle graphically demanding workflows.

With the collaboration between NVIDIA and Citrix, adding NVIDIA GRID® Virtual PC (GRID vPC) software and NVIDIA® GPUs to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops enables IT to enhance and deliver the graphics performance every user expects, while delivering fully functioning virtual Windows or Linux desktops and the apps employees need to remain productive.

Better UX for Healthcare Staff, Better Care for Patients

The workloads in healthcare environments are becoming more graphics intensive. Beyond medical imaging applications that require visual fidelity, the next generation of EHR includes increased use of the latest web standards for interactive 3D graphics and integration of video and imagery. Even use of Windows 10 and Office productivity applications with dual monitor workspaces are very taxing to the CPU.

With GPU accelerated virtual desktop environments, businesses can cost-effectively deliver remote desktops that enable secure access to data from anywhere, on any device with a native-PC like experience.

“Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for places to drive efficiency and improve patient outcomes,” said John Panagulias, Director, Citrix Ready. “Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and NVIDIA virtual GPU technology empowers physicians and clinicians with on-demand access to EHRs, medical imaging apps, and Windows 10 and Office productivity applications with a consistent experience, regardless of device, network, or location. Centralized management and delivery of clinical applications ensures strong security as nothing is stored at the endpoints.”

Learn more about VDI in the healthcare industry, including how Touro College of Dental Medicine uses NVIDIA virtualization technology and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to revolutionize digital dentistry and bring more smiles to patients in our recent Graphics-Accelerated Virtual Workspaces for Healthcare webinar.

Billions of Dollars of Transactions Run in GPU-Accelerated VDI

Many financial services organizations are reexamining their IT infrastructure as the graphical requirements in their environments are continuing to grow — from financial analysts and advisors using Windows 10 to a financial trader using high-resolution monitors to run multiple applications. Companies are also turning to desktop virtualization to centralize data and protect sensitive information against cyber threats.

GPU-powered virtualization helps businesses keep up with the growing needs of companies. Citrix Workspace coupled with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated VDI can support the performance, as well as the streamlined manageability and enhanced security that financial institutions require.

Learn more about how investment banks, trading firms and insurance companies have modernized their VDI environments while enhancing productivity and user experience of their employees by reading our customer success story paper.

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